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Chen Yongliang, the Deputy Secretary -General of the Executive Committee of the Football Association, the mysterious absence of Chen Yongliang

Source: Football Newspaper

On the eve of the Football Finals on January 15, the eighth meeting of the Eleventh Executive Committee of the Chinese Football Association was held in Suzhou.At the meeting, Secretary -General Liu Yi was removed from office. In August 2019, Liu Yi was elected Secretary -General of the Chinese Football Association, but since 2022, Liu Yi has gradually faded out of his vision.Decide.

It is worth noting that Chen Yongliang, Minister of the State Management Department and Executive Deputy Secretary -General of the Chinese Football Association, did not appear at this meeting. He went to Suzhou on the 14th because the executive committee meeting involved the league and national team.Attack the meeting.

It is news that Chen Yongliang also appeared on the morning of the meeting, but the subsequent meeting did not participate, and the relevant departments of the Chinese Football Association also withdrew Chen Yongliang’s nameplate.At the same time, the original FA Cup award guest included Chen Yongliang, but the awarded guests who were corrected later did not appear Chen Yongliang’s name, and he did not even appear in the FA Cup.

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  2. The current media reporters have become guessing, fabricating, and hearing in the hut.

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