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Chang Hao, the opening of the World University Student Go Friendship Game: The stage of youth

The 7th World University Student Go Friendship Tournament held an online opening ceremony and the first round of competitions on November 26.

This competition was co -sponsored by the China Go Association and Shanghai Yingchangqi Go Education Foundation. In the next five weeks, 160 players from more than 40 universities around the world will play against the Go platforms such as Yike. The competition will be divided into 10 stations. Each station will be played by two teams and 8 players.

This event was founded by Mr. Ying Minghao, a late famous Go activist, and has successfully held six sessions in Hong Kong, China, Taipei, Canada, Thailand, Britain, and Australia in Hong Kong, China, China, China, China, Canada, Thailand, Britain, and Australia.

Chang Hao Jiu Duan, vice chairman of the China Go Association and the chairman of the Shanghai Yingchangqi Go Education Foundation, said in a welcome speech in the opening ceremony, “This competition must be held one by one. For college student Go enthusiasts around the world, it It will be an agreed Go party, a youth of Go stage. “


In the Shanghai Union competition


New York University Union competition site

In the first round, the New York University Student Union played against the Shanghai University Student Union in China. The New York Wing players are composed of students from Princeton, Colombia and other universities. The players of the Shanghai Federation are from Shanghai Jiaotong University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. The competition starts from 21:00 on the 26th Beijing time.

After two rounds and four hours of competition, the Shanghai United team won the New York Wing 9-7 with a total score of 9-7. The specific results are as follows:


The Shanghai Union was awarded the winning certificate

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  1. “The nine -year -old child in Shanghai often rose into the first stage.”A photo of “Go World”.

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