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Challenge one of the top ten outdoor lines in Beijing. 23 -year -old girl fell off the cliff


Rescue site

The reporter learned from the Beijing Renfang Volunteer Rescue Team and Mentougou Blue Sky Rescue Team that a 23 -year -old female donkey friend fell cliffs in Dogga Mountain, Mentougou, Beijing. Consciously sober when going down the mountain. The rescue staff told reporters that the Dogya Mountains were extremely dangerous and were called one of the top ten outdoor routes around the outdoor circle around the outdoor circle, and the cliff dropped by the female donkey was as high as 50 meters.

Yesterday afternoon, at multiple outdoor sports WeChat groups, a message of a donkey friend fell into the cliff, saying that at 3 pm, a 96 -year -old girl followed a certain outdoor climbing club to climb the mountain in the Gouya Mountain in Mentougou, and fell more than 60 meters of cliff cliffs. , Celar fracture, critical condition.

“At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, I also saw the news at an outdoor sports WeChat group. After verification, we learned that the matter was true, so we immediately convened 15 and six members to go to the place of the incident.”

Wang Tianjie, the captain of the Beijing Volunteer Rescue Team, told reporters that they reached the mountains at more than 6 pm and merged with other rescue teams.

During the climbing, Wang Tianjie has been in contact with the leading team leader of the outdoor club in the accident to determine his route and the position of the trapped person. We re -planned the route up the mountain again. “

At 11 o’clock in the night, the Beijing people’s Fang Haotian volunteer rescue team reached the position of the trapped person. Wang Tianjie sighed–

“The little girl crashed on the way down the mountain. According to my estimation, the cliff was more than 50 meters high. At that time, the rescuers who arrived at the time had preliminarily bandaged and fixed on her. Her legs, ribs and collarbone fractures. Blood bleeding, but people’s consciousness is sober, and the little girl’s life is really big! “

The 16 Mentougou Blue Sky Rescue team members and the firefighters of the Mentougou Zhaitang Fire Squadron were the first rescue workers who arrived at the scene.

According to the captain of Mentougou Blue Sky Rescue Team “Niulan Mountain” (net name), around 7 o’clock last night, they discovered the injured female donkey friend. Everyone used a 40 -meter long rope to drop to the injured. In response to the multiple fractures of the wounded, the rescue personnel were treated on the spot. The hemostatic bandage treatment was completed at 7:50 in the evening. The rescuers used the curl stretcher to fix the injured and began to withdraw.

When going down the mountain, the mountain breeze masterpiece. Wang Tianjie said that it was not easy to go down the mountain. The players were looking for a way in the bushes, and they had to protect the injured from secondary injuries.

“Because there are 40 or fifty people in the rescue staff, everyone can take turns to lift people and some people start. At about 12:30 this morning, we arrived at the mountain safely and gave the little girl to 120.”

According to the reporter’s understanding, the female donkey friend’s unexpected Dogya Mountain crossed many villages in Zhaitang Town, Mentougou District. It is a mountain beam about 12 kilometers long and is also called “Sang Shiling”. Because the whole is like a wolf dog, it is called Dogya Mountain in the outdoor circle.

Wang Shaojie said-

“‘Dog Tail” Dog’s body’ and ‘dog head’ are all like a blade, about one meter wide, cliffs on both sides, and the mountains are extremely dangerous. One. “(Beijing Daily Client)

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