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Chairman Saudi Saiden denied the introduction of Ronaldo: We don’t know him

Cristiano Ronaldo has recently had rumors with the Saudi Yathine Vegetarian Club, but Ronaldo said that the rumors were inaccurate, and the chairman of the Riyado Club also denied the relevant rumors.

A reporter asked the situation where Ronaldia, chairman of Lyt Club, joined Ronaldo, and Musari asked: “Who?” The reporter asked: “Don’t you know Ronaldo?”

Muzali said: “No, don’t know.”

Muzali said: “Cristiano Ronaldo has been busy in the World Cup recently. We don’t think he will negotiate with anyone. We will not negotiate with other players. No matter what Ronaldo make a decision, we bless him.”

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  1. Did you wake up?

  2. Hey, our annual salary of 200 million US -knife is buying the ball king. We do not know the king [Haha] [Haha] [Haha]

  3. Mr. Luo and his road fans are only crispyIntersection

  4. It is even less reliable than those Montes. I would rather believe him

  5. The agent is everywhere again.Painting the big cake lift the price, but this trick has been bad, no one believes

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