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CBA All-Star Three Contest-Yuan Shuai 23 points defeated Hu Mingxuan to win the championship

Beijing time on December 3rd, the 2022 CBA All -Star Championship was held at the Gymnasium of Zhuji City and Yang College of Zhejiang. The finals of the three -point competition were held during the interval. In the end, the former coach from the Shanxi team won the three -point championshipEssence

From the Tongxi team, the first appearance, he first shot 5 of 3, the second shooting point 4, 3 of 3, the third shooting point 4, 3 of 3, the fourth shooting point 4, 1 of 1, fifth, fifth, fifth, fifth, fifthAt a shooting point 5, I finally scored 17 points.

Hu Mingxuan from the Guangdong team appeared in the second place. Hu Mingxuan was like God’s help, and the flower balls were full and scored 21 points.

The former coach from the Shanxi team finally appeared. His play was better than Hu Mingxuan. The third shooting point was 5 goals, and he finally scored 23 points.

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  1. Cantonese fans value: The background of the former handsome is definitely buying a basket!The ball for Hu Mingxuan was replaced with a ball and running!

  2. You can check the original handsome again!

  3. Obviously the former handsome has a background!

  4. Please face up to the reality. Although other opponents have occasionally eating a dumpling from Guangdong, it does not affect the strength of Guangdong.Except for the two most watery champions in the Northeast, only Baya!

  5. As the saying goes: often walk in Guangdong, how can you not wet shoes

  6. Li Tie is summoning!

  7. Is the woman in Guangdong

  8. Sure enough, it is the original handsome

  9. three -point champion 🏆, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, which is a joke!

  10. 一 | | | | | | |?

  11. Hu Mingxuan won 3 points, MVP, and the championship, what about Shanxi team?

  12. The hometown is very glorious.Degraded Cantonese, more glorious!IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

  13. Iron is sinking.Aya opened his eyes as closed, and he did not pretend to be closed in Guangzhou.

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