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Adelaide Station-Zheng Qinwen’s wounded and winning 8 innings to reverse Rogers into the second round

Zheng Qinwen's left thighs were discomfort in the competition, but still winning the eight games to reverse the level On January 10, Beijing time, the ...

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Hobart Station-Wang Xinyu sent 8 two mistakes and two disks to win the promotion of women’s single rounds

Wang Xinyu won the first victory of the Personal Tour of the season On January 9th, Beijing time, the WTA250 Hobart Station in 2023 launched the first round ...

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3 hours 09 minutes!Djo Sannu Battle Reversing Koka’s career 92nd championship

Djokovic's three -set war reversed Koda to win the 92nd championship, the champion tied Nadal On January 8th, Beijing time, ATP250 Adelaide ended the men's ...

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United Cup-Musseti retired from the United States 4-0 to win the championship in 4-0

The US team "Hope" won the United Cup champion On January 8th, Beijing time, the finals of the Finals of the United Cup in 2023, the U.S. team defeated ...

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Gao Fu only lost 2 innings to sweep the third crown of Massarova Auckland Station

Gao Fu showed a cup in the first week of the new season without losing a plate On January 8th, Beijing time, the WTA250 Auckland Station ended the women's ...

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Sabaronka two sets of two sets of Czech Big Dark Horse won the 11th crown of career

Sabaronka's new season "opening the door" On January 8th, Beijing time, the WTA500 Adelaide ended the women's singles finals in 2023.The Belarusian star ...

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3 hours and 36 minutes! Zheng Qinwen’s three sets of battle reversed into the Adelaide Zhengzai

Zheng Qinwen took 3 hours and 36 minutes. On January 8th, Beijing time, the WTA500 Adelaide launched the women's singles qualification competition in ...

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Wang Xinyu Second Drive Cangel Egg Hobart Station Qualification Race defeat the round of winning

Wang Xinyu lost to Parisas Diaz in the second place, and lost in the qualifying game On January 8th, Beijing time, the WTA250 Hobart Station in 2023 ...

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Djo’s first set was suspected of injuries. Amazing 4 consecutive victory over Mei never lost a set to the finals

At the end of the first set of Djo, the accidental condition of the left leg strain occurred, but it still defeated President Mei Mei to advance to the final ...

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Wang Xinyu sent invisible eggs to the first victory of the season, Yuan Yue was reversed and defeated

Wang Xinyu sent out the stealth egg strongly advanced to the Hobart Station Qualification Championship On January 7, Beijing time, the first round of the ...

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Zheng Qinwen sent double eggs in 61 minutes to win into the Adelaide Qualification Tournament

Zheng Qinwen sent two eggs to sweep the mine Parker strong promotion qualification competition victory round (data map) On January 7, Beijing time, the ...

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The right leg injury during Alcalas was announced to withdraw from the 2023 Australian Open

Last year, the US Open champion and men's singles world No. 1 Alcalas announced the withdrawal from the Australian Open in 2023 Men's singles world first, ...

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