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An Shuai: The first half of the handball should be the judgment point, and the Kamana plus alternity has a greater role

In the early morning of December 31st, Beijing time, in the 15th round of the Western Armor this season, Real Madrid defeated Balladolid 2-0 away, and made a ...

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Official announcement: 37 -year -old Cristiano Ronaldo joined Saudi Arabia Riyard victory and signed a contract with 2025

Sina Sports on December 31. The official news of Liadeson was officially announced that the 37 -year -old Ronaldo joined the team. "The greatest athletes in ...

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Mei Kai won the second degree to win the 40 goals in 2022

In this round of La Liga, Real Madrid defeated Balladolid 2-0 away, and Benzer immediately performed a good show of Mei Kai. In the 82nd minute of the game, ...

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La Liga-Before the end of the end of the game, the Real Madrid 2-0 away 2-0 victory in Real Madrid

Benzema double ring December 31st, Beijing time at 04:30 (21:30 local time on the 30th local time), the 15th round of the 2022/23 season of La Liga is ...

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Accident!Laivan suspension punishment is executed on Saturday, which can play on Saturday.

On Friday, Barcelona Club came out an unexpected news: Lavan could appear on Saturday's Derby War on Saturday. The official announcement of the Barcelona ...

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Cassy Society Dan Beli holds three World Cup trophy to mourn Beli

Beijing time on December 30th, Belle King Beli died of illness at the age of 82. The world football stars include Ronaldo, Ronaldinho Messi, etc., and have ...

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Real Madrid official: Saying that he mourning him for the death of Bailey is one of the greatest players

On December 29, Belle King Beli died, and the Real Madrid Club officially published a condolences to Bailey.The eulogy is as follows: Real Madrid Football ...

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Robito: I sent a message to congratulate Messi, but he hasn’t responded yet

Recently, Barcelona player Robito was interviewed by RAC1, and he talked about his former teammate Messi. Robito: Yes, I sent a message to congratulate ...

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Between Real Madrid Manchester City Liverpool, Belinsham is more willing to join Real Madrid

December 29th, Beijing time, according to Goal reports, Belinham is more interested in joining Real Madrid, and Manchester City and Liverpool are interested ...

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Ligue 1 in Ligue-Neymar Assist+Dye Red Mbappe’s Drot Kill Paris 2-1

4:00 on December 29th, Beijing time (21:00 local time in France), 2022/23 season of the 16th round of the French Ligue 1 focus of fighting, Paris ...

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World: The Ramos contract is still in half a year, but the renewal is doubtful?

Beijing time on December 28th, according to the World Sports News, the contract of the Paris Saint -Germain defender Ramos will expire for half a year, but ...

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Thames: Atletico Madrid requires Manchester United to rent Philix at 8 million pounds+salary

On December 28th, Beijing time, according to the British Times, Atletico hopes to rent Felix at 8 million pounds, but Manchester United is unwilling to ...

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