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Saudi Media: Cristiano Ronaldo will serve as captain of Liade All -Star Team

At 1 am on January 20th, Beijing time, the Riyade All -Star team will usher in a friendly match with Paris Saint -Germain. According to Saudi media reports, ...

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King of London!Arsenal’s 7 games in the 7th London Derby won all victory

Derby, North London, Arsenal defeated Tottenham 2-0 away. According to statistics, Arsenal's 7 games in the Premier League this season have all achieved ...

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Lavan Barcelona has 22 games in 22 games!The previous one with such efficiency is Da Luo

In the Spanish Super Cup, Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 3-1 to win the championship. According to statistics from the data website, this is the 20th goal ...

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Serie A-Dibara Mei Two+Create Red Brand Rome 2-0 Florence

At 3:45 on January 16th, Beijing time, the 18th round of the Serie A League, Rome played against Florence at home.In the end, Mourinho's team defeated the ...

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Ligue 1 Mbappe loses a single-knife Terrard to break the goal in Paris and lead 3 points in Paris

4:00 on January 16th, Beijing time (21:00 local time in France), 2022/23 season French enlightenment in the 19th round of the French Focus, Paris ...

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West Chao Cup-Lavarville transmitted Benzema Barcelona 3-1 Real Madrid

At 3 am on January 16, Beijing time, the Spanish Super Cup finals ushered in the national Derby. In the end, Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 3-1.Harvey ...

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Premier League-Lorer sent Oolong Ed Gao World Po Arsenal 2-0 Tottenham

At 00:30 in the morning on January 16, Beijing time, the northern London Derby at home.In the end, Arsenal defeated Tottenham 2-0, and the advantages on the ...

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Official: Chelsea has signed Murdrick for 8 and a half years

On January 15, Chelsea officially announced that the team signed the Donnede Miner winger Murdric. Chelsea officially said that the team signed a contract ...

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Premier League-Ziech assists Haval’s hammer Chelsea 1-0 Crystal Palace

At 22:00 on January 15th, Beijing time, in the 20th round of the Premier League, Chelsea faced the Crystal Palace of the same city at the home of Stanford.In ...

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Zhejiang Team thanks to fans: We will fight for the missed trophy

After the FA Cup missed the championship, the Zhejiang team official blog once again thanked the fans for their support. The Zhejiang team official blog ...

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Yao Junsheng: Unfortunately, the Zhejiang team failed to win the FA Cup championship

After 1-2 in the FA Cup finals lost to the runner-up in Taishan, Shandong, Zhejiang team player Yao Junsheng wrote his own post on his personal social ...

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Zhejiang team goalkeeper Gu Chao: As a result, it is a pity that the future can be expected in the future

After 1-2 in the FA Cup finals lost to the runner-up of Taishan, Shandong, Zhejiang team goalkeeper Gu Chao thanked the fans in his personal social media. ...

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