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Official: Wu Shaocong joined Tuchao Istanbul to open the second stage to stay abroad

According to official news, the defender of Guangzhou team Wu Shaocong joined Tuchao Istanbul, and the two sides signed the contract until the summer of ...

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Gaunt retirement!The biggest joke of the national football team is 200 million white flowers

Source: Search Football Before the age of 31, the Super League player Gaunt acknowledged that he was going through the formalities of restoring Brazilian ...

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Garat confirmed that he will abandon Chinese nationality and regret that he has not appeared for the national football team

The Brazilian team Baya, a 31 -year -old Chinese player Gaunt, completed the renewal. At a press conference after the renewal, Gaunt confirmed that he was ...

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Guoqing prepares for the U20 Asian Cup: the future is too much, I hope the results are looking forward to the results

Source: Madexing Dexing ClubPrepare for ING The U20 National Youth Team in China in 2003 has been temporarily dissolved after the two -week training of ...

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Mediaman: During the 12th competition, the national heel coaching team was fighting in the restaurant

On December 30, the media person Li Xuan broke the news on his personal Weibo. During the top 40 and the top 12, as long as the Football Association chairman ...

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Mediaman: Previously, as long as Chen Yiyuan and the team, the national team had to play cards with the team

On December 30, according to the media person Li Xuan, before the 40s and the top 12, as long as the Football Association chairman Chen Yiyuan followed the ...

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Luo Guofu: I will have a year -on -year contract with the Americas to consider retirement in the middle of next year

Recently in the show, Luo Guofu, China, revealed that he will consider whether to continue his career in the middle of next year. "I still have a year's ...

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Talking about the expansion of the World Cup: It is meaningful to participate in hard power

Recently, I talked about the World Cup expansion in the live broadcast. Ling Lin said that it is meaningful to participate in the World Cup when it has hard ...

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National Football Executive Chef was 100,000 by Li Tiekeng?Media people rumor: fake

A man who claimed to be the administrative chef of the National Football Team posted a video, saying that "Li Tiekeng had to lose his family and owed more ...

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Li Xuan: Li Tie made the national team’s smoke, and even unwilling to enter

On December 8th, according to the "Beijing Youth Daily" report, the national football team will conduct military training first and then conduct normal ...

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Beiqing: Li Xiaopeng or stayed in China and abroad

On December 4th, according to the Beijing Youth Daily, the Chinese Football Association will organize a national team (male and female national teams at all ...

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Beiqing: Li Xiaopeng is expected to continue working in the national team

According to the "Beijing Youth Daily", according to the plan, the Chinese Football Association will hold a strategic deployment work conference on the men's ...

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