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Curse!Five consecutive World Cup Brazil has been eliminated by European teams

In the 1/4 of the World Cup, Croatia eliminated Brazil through penalty shootouts, and the Samba Legion was eliminated by the European team for 5 consecutive ...

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Modric: It is difficult to block Venetius, but I will do my best to do it

Before the World Cup 1/4 finals against Croatia, veteran Modric said that he would do his best to participate in the defense and help curb his Real Madrid ...

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Richarson was excited because of seeing Da Luo: bring back the championship

Recently, Ronaldo interviewed Richardon.EssenceRicharison saw Ronaldo with his hands for a while, grabbed his back and neck for a while, and even shyly dare ...

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Van Gaal: Di Maria said I am the worst coach?Few people say that

Prior to the Argentina game, the Dutch coach Van Gaal responded to Dimeria's statement. Previously, Dimaria said that Van Gaal was the worst coach he had ...

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Dutch goalkeeper: Messi is just an ordinary person, I can throw his penalty

In the World Cup 1/4 final, the Netherlands will usher in Argentina. Dutch goalkeeper Nobot said that he has prepared for a penalty shootout, and he said ...

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Bailey thanks Mbappe for sending blessings: I am glad to see you break my record

According to Brazilian media reports, Belle King Belly thanked Mbappe for his blessings for him, and he said he was very happy to break his record. Bell ...

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Messi was eliminated all over the world?Dunvis: At least the Dutch is not sad

Argentina played against the Netherlands in the 1/4 finals of the World Cup and ushered in the last dance of the World Cup.The Dutch defender Dunfris said he ...

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B: If Argentina Portugal meets in the finals, I hope Messi will not be able to go to

Portuguese star Belnado Silva believes that Argentina is one of the popular winners of the World Cup. The B said that he was optimistic about Argentina. ...

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1187 meters!Messi in non -Zhongwei players runs the ball first from the World Cup

In the World Cup 1/4 final, the Netherlands will play against Argentina.And a statistical result was also released, so the running distance of the non ...

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De Rong: I know Messi, but I don’t know how to defend him

In the World Cup 1/4 final, the Netherlands will play against Argentina.Dutch midfielder De Rong said that although he knew his former teammate Messi, he ...

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Fully go to prepare for the Dutch competition to show training photos of Messi

In the early morning of December 10, Beijing time, the World Cup in the 1/4 final, Argentina will play against the Netherlands. Before the game, Messi ...

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Forecast the World Cup final: 9.4% of Portugal and Argentina meets 9.4%

According to data company Gracenote prediction, there are 16 possibilities for the World Cup finals. The most likely is Brazil against Portugal. The ...

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