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French Football Association officials and virtue and Dezhang renewed to June 2026

On Saturday, the French Football Association officially announced that with the head coach Dechandi renewed by June 2026, Dezhang will lead the team to play ...

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Ronaldo has been sent away by Ronaldo’s victory to complete the registered Cameroon striker

According to Saudi media reports, Ronaldo has completed the registration in Riyard victory, and he will soon be able to play for the New East. After ...

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NMM combination collectively lacks in Paris for 33 consecutive seasons to advance to French Cup 32

In the early morning of January 7, Beijing time, Paris defeated Satru 3-1 in the 1/32 competition in the French Cup and entered the top 32. The stars such ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s clothes room watching the race while riding and scoring Taliska applauded by the goal

Cristiano Ronaldo has not yet performed the first show in Liadin, but he witnessed the team in the locker room on Friday. On Friday, Riyadh victory at home ...

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Influence!The three coach of the Southeast Asian Football Championships from the Four of the Four of the Fortune Championship comes from South Korea

The Southeast Asian Football Championship has entered the semi -finals. It is worth mentioning that three of the semi -finals came from South Korea, which ...

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Ronaldo has not yet completed the registration of the first show or Mero played against

Sources from the Arab media said that Ronaldo had not yet completed the registration in Lide's victory and was unable to participate in the competition for ...

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The Premier League suspension of the two games was taken to Saudi Arabia C Rollene Sato’s victory in the first show. The first show was postponed

Fans who want to see Ronaldo's first show in the Saudi League have to wait, because he was suspended in the Premier League for two places in the Premier ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo: I have won everything in Europe.

On Tuesday, Riyard Shengli held a press conference for Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo said at a press conference: "In Europe, my work has been completed, and I ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo will hold the franchise ceremony to debut all the additional income of the franchise ceremony

On Tuesday, the official account of Saudi Saiden showed a picture, showing that Ronaldo had arrived in Riyadh. The victory of Riyadh officially took Ronaldo ...

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Ferdinand: Byruni can go to the United States to rush Cristiano Ronaldo and you can go to Saudi Arabia

Manchester United's famous Su Fei Dinanda defended Ronaldo's victory in Liad. He believed that everyone should not criticize Ronaldo's choice to go to Saudi ...

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32 unbeaten in Paris has ended the last 6 away teams in the last 6th away teams.

In the 17th round of Ligue 1, Neymar was suspended, Messi was missing, Mbappe failed to lead the team to win. They lost to Langs 1 to 3.Langs's advantage ...

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Brazil’s Gramio official Xuan Suarez joined the contract until December 2024

In the early morning of January 1, Beijing time, the Gramio Club, Brazil, officially announced that Uruguay star Suarez joined freely and the two sides ...

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