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World Cup-Depe scoring the goal of double flying wings to transmit the Netherlands 3-1 victory in the United States to advance

The Netherlands 3-1 U.S. advance At 23:00 on December 3, Beijing time (18:00 local time in Qatar), the 2022 World Cup 1/8 finals competed, the Netherlands ...

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Exposure of Lukaku’s cancellation of the holiday will return to the country Mijia Droba to defend him

According to Italian newspapers, Lukaku, which was hit by Belgium in the World Cup, will cancel holidays and immediately return to Inter Milan for additional ...

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Mu Shuai caught the inner ghost and officially left the team in January

According to the Roman Sports News, Rome is preparing to solve the problem of Karsdop during this period, and Fernebache is a potential to be a potential ...

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Giroud was elected AC Milan for the best player in November and played 3 games and 3 games!

AC Milan officially announced that Giroud was elected as the best player in November in the team. Giroud played 3 games for Milan in November, with 1 first ...

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Kiar: I hope Milan teammates Giroud will help defeat Tunisia

Denmark midfielder Kia said that he hoped that AC Milan's teammate Gyrune broke through the gate of Tunisia and helped Danish advance to the World Cup 16. ...

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Schenyi this year’s World Cup prevented 3.1 goals from completing two games with two games

According to statistics from the data website OPTA, Shiccus is the goalkeeper that the World Cup has prevented the most from the World Cup. In the first two ...

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It was revealed that Ohana did not leave the Cameroon team coach and said that as long as he apologized, he could return

According to the Spanish "Marca News", the Cameroon goalkeeper Aona has not left the national team as some media reports.Back to the team. It is reported ...

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Official: All the board of directors of Juventus resigned, Aneli and others will leave office

On November 29th, Juventus officially released the news that Juventus's board of directors resigned, including chairman Aieli, vice chairman Nedvede, etc. ...

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Juventus officially announced that the board of directors’ collective resignation of the Aneli era ended

In the early morning of November 29, Beijing time, Juventus officially announced that all the club boards resigned, including the chairman Aieli and vice ...

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A quarrel with the coach quarrel goalkeeper Ouna left the Cameroon team

Before the World Cup G Group Camelon's match against Serbia, the Cameroon goalkeeper Aona left the team. According to Athletic Network, 26 -year -old Ohana ...

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At the age of 36, Mei Kai Gai Gyeor’s Two Giroud Created World Cup 32 years of 32 years

In the first round of the World Cup group stage, France reversed Australia 4-1, and veteran Girou played well and contributed two goals. In the 32nd minute ...

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Lukaku has not participated in team training so far, and will be absent from the first round of the group stage.

Lukaku, who was selected into the Belgian national team, followed the team to Qatar on Friday, but so far he has not participated in the team's practice. It ...

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