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Bayern official Xuan Dutch veteran Brind joined the two parties for half a year

On Thursday, Bayern officially announced that the Dutch veteran Blind joined freely, and the two sides signed a half season. 32 -year -old Brinds previously ...

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Bayern confirms that the Dutch veteran Brind is currently undergoing a medical examination

According to German Sport1, Bayern has confirmed that he will sign the Dutch veteran Brind. Blins is currently undergoing a second part of the physical ...

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The German Football Association set up a advisory group to support the national team Karnewall and other selected

Official news: Germany has established a special advisory group consisting of Kahn, Ramenig, Summer, Waller, and Mingzlaf. Their task is to be the European ...

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Neuer disclosed that he broke his legs during his vacation and bid farewell to the season in advance

Noy, Germany, disclosed on social networking sites that he broke his legs during vacation and reimbursed this season. It means that he broke the calf during ...

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The German Football Association confirmed: Flik stayed until the European Cup in 2024

On Wednesday, the German coach Flick and the German Football Association Chairman Neyhdorf and Vice Chairman Wartsk held a crisis summit.After the meeting, ...

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German media: The German handsome position appears inaccurate Tuchr to become an important candidate

According to the German "Photo" report, after Bielhof resigned from the German team leader, the German team's handsome position may change. Bayerhof ...

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Two consecutive World Cup teams out of the German leader Berhoff resigned

After the two consecutive World Cup failed to go out, the German team leader Berhoff announced his resignation on Monday. Berhoff's era was the captain of ...

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The German Football Association will not consider Tuchr and Klopp options Flik will stay in office

According to the German "Photo" report, although the team has two consecutive World Cup groups, the German team has no intention of changing coaches. Among ...

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British fans: Japan’s goal is valid to help Lunkpad revenge, I believe he is in the VAR room

In the final round of the World Cup group stage, after defeating Spain 2-1 of Japan, Japan was promoted by the group first, and the German team was ...

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Photo report: Germany has no superstar’s great football tradition that has been ended

The German team's two consecutive World Cup teams have been out, which is very disappointing.The German "Photo" criticized the German team with the title of ...

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Mori Ichi: Japan’s goal is to score the finals of the top 8 and go out without the referee.

After the results of the World Cup lottery were released, Senbao faced the situation with Spain and Germany in a group, and insisted that the goal of the ...

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Germany’s outbound British fans excited German fans: you will never reach our height

The national team has not been able to go out for the 2nd World Cup. His fans are painful, but some England fans are very happy. Some fans posted a small ...

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