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New worker debut: Beijing’s “back garden” is back again

▲ Above: Recently renovated a new work.(Photo confession of Zhonghegong) ▼ Below: On December 1, 2019, the body on the eve of the reconstruction.(Photo by ...

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Good news: Guoan’s 2023 season returns to the new work at the end of March!

Source: Beijing Daily Client Reporter Ren Shan Pan Zhiwang After more than two years of intensive construction, the construction of the Beijing Workers' ...

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How will Guoan enter the new body in 2023? Rookie flash makes people see hope

Source: Beiqing Sports Zhang Kunlong With the renovation of a new Beijing worker stadium, the topic of new workers and new Guoan has become the focus of ...

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The 30th anniversary of the founding of Guoan Qing: The real brave people have a different demeanor

December 29 is the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Guoan Club. The official blog of the Guoan Club thanked the fans for his accompaniment. Guoan ...

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Guoan and Jinmen Tiger retired at the same time to help the Chinese Football Association busy

Source: Search Football Domestic media confirmed that Beijing Guoan and Tianjin Jinmen Tiger have submitted the last round of abstaining applications to the ...

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Reporter: The 7 players who had a healthy health before Guoan are now only 2 people left.

On December 28, the reporter Yuan Ye updated the latest health situation of the Beijing Guoan team on his personal Weibo. Yuan Ye said: "The seven health ...

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Guoan responded to abandoning the game: Only 7 people met the conditions of the competition and could not complete the competition

On December 27, Beijing Guoan issued the "Announcement on the 33rd Rings of the Super League of the Super League" through its official Weibo@12 12 12 12 ...

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Official Super League: Guoan’s own reasons that abstain against the harbor against the harbor

On December 27, the Super League announced that Guoan's own reasons were abstained from the competition against the harbor and sentenced Guoan to 0-3 Harbor. ...

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Yang Yan: The gap between our grassroots coaches and Japan and South Korea is very different

Source: Football Newspaper Reporters Liu Xiangyu and Sun Di reported that the World Cup has ended after the finals that are sufficient to enter the history ...

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The Super League-Lin Liangming doubles Hou Sen to send Dalian in Dalian 3-1 Guoan 3 consecutive victories

15:30 on December 5th, Beijing time, the 29th round of the Chinese Super League in 2022 continued, and Beijing Guoan faced the Dalian people.In the first ...

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Super League-Evano pushes the door to break the Frank to build the Zhejiang team 2-0 National Security

At 19:30 on November 30th, Beijing time, the 28th round of the Super League, the Zhejiang team faced Beijing Guoan. In the first half, VAR intervened many ...

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Stanley: The startup is unexpectedly the tactical execution of the team is worthy of praise

On November 25th, Beijing time, the 2022 Super League launched the 27th round of competition, and the Beijing Guoan team reversed the Shanghai Shenhua team ...

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