2021 Football Cup
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Fans enthusiastically cheer the Football Association Cup decisive battle Chinese football recovery motivation

Source: Football Newspaper Reporter Chen Yong reported that the temperature of the FA Cup final, Suzhou's temperature dropped sharply, only about zero ...

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On the 11th of the FA Cup semi -final, a fixed winning defeat attracted fans to watch the game on the spot

Source: Shangguan News Author: Chen Hua Iron fans can buy tickets through barley online and go to the scene to cheer. The price of ball tickets is also very ...

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Deng Xiaofei: Failure is due to the second round of strength in the second round.

On the afternoon of January 5th, the first round of the 2022 China Football Association Cup finals, Jinan Xingzhou team lost to the Zhejiang team 0-3.After ...

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Cangzhou male lion assistant: Zhan Shenhua responded to the old belt with a new hug learning attitude

On the afternoon of January 4th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the Chinese Football Association Cup in the 2022 season will start the first round of the ...

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Analysis of the Football Association Cup: 6 Teams probably give up the Taishan sea port to re -meet again?

Source: Tai'an Daily · Most Thai Security Media Niu Zhiming Affected by many factors such as schedule adjustments, the 2022 FA Cup can only be arranged in ...

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Mediaman: After the FA Cup loses, Stanley has all the responsibilities

In the second round of the Football Association Cup, Beijing Guoan burst into the Wenhui Wenhui, and missed the top 16.According to the media person Yang ...

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The FA Cup Cup has not yet fought.

The reporter group reported on November 17th, the FA Cup's second round played for 7 games, all of which were the Chinese Super League team against the low ...

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Football News: The penalty of the penalty team was lost to the Zhongchao team.

Reporter Liu Xiangyu reported that before the afternoon of November 17, not even many people had heard a team such as Wenhui Wenhui and could not find ...

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The Gansu Amateur Team eliminated Guoan 15 months after establishing a miracle of Chinese football

Source: Text/Beiqing Sports Xiao Yan If it wasn't for the second round of the FA Cup in the second round of the FA Cup, after 7-5 of the penalty shootout, the ...

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Football Association Cup-Liu Ruoyu Shuanglou Zhu Jianrong Mei opened the two-time application for 5-0 Beibei Gate

On November 16th, Beijing time, the 2022 China Football Association Cup started in the second round. The competition between Jiangxi Beibei team and Shanghai ...

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The Football Association Cup Seed Plan Enter Dayi — bring happy football to children in the mountains

In the winter, the Dayi Xieyuan Town was "silver -wrapped". This is the "first town of entering the mountains" to Xiling Snow Mountain. The Yanjing Beer 2021 ...

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The Football Association Cup final referee arrange

On January 9 next year, Shandong Taishan will start with the FA Cup finals with the Shanghai Harbor. On December 23, according to the "referee circle" of the ...

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