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The two officials of the Football Association were taken away by the media: There is still greater fish to be arrested

Source: Search Football On the morning of January 16th, Beijing time, Yuan Jia, a football commentator, said on the social platform that the senior management ...

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Xinmin Sports: Can Chinese football change in 2023?

Source: Guan Yin Xinmin Sports Yesterday, as the Taishan team held the FA Cup, the 2022 season of Chinese football ended.In 2023, China's football ...

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2023 AFC/Chinese Football Association coaches enthusiastically visit the Guangzhou Football Museum

(All real shots of this article are provided by team photographer Gan Yuxuan) Author: Cong Shuoming (big guy Ming)On the first day of the official opening ...

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After the cold winter, Henan Songshan Longmen hopes to have a warm spring

Reporter Lumi reported that the just -ended 2022 Chinese Super League gave everyone the highest expectations. In addition to promoting the three towns of ...

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The Zhejiang team passed by with the champion, but it was full of gains

Special reporter Xu Yi and Suzhou reported that this is the closest time of the Zhejiang team's first Football Cup champion: Gu Bin's goal in the first ...

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It is imperative that Shandong Taishan wants to take more championships to deepen equity reform

Reporter Chen Yong reported that a few days ago, a rumor of "Shandong Energy Group's entry into Shandong Taishan Football Club" caused a heated discussion ...

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Fans enthusiastically cheer the Football Association Cup decisive battle Chinese football recovery motivation

Source: Football Newspaper Reporter Chen Yong reported that the temperature of the FA Cup final, Suzhou's temperature dropped sharply, only about zero ...

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Famous whistle Sun Yijie: Rashford did not interfere with the opponent Manchester City and should not give up the defense

Source: Search Football Regarding Manchester Derby's dispute, international referees and former Sino -Super Gold whistle Sun Yanjie gave her opinion.Sun ...

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Chen Yongliang, the Deputy Secretary -General of the Executive Committee of the Football Association, the mysterious absence of Chen Yongliang

Source: Football Newspaper On the eve of the Football Finals on January 15, the eighth meeting of the Eleventh Executive Committee of the Chinese Football ...

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Madexing: One has no money and two nobody in Chinese football.

Source: Madexing Dexing News AgencyChinese football is difficult to be the head Although the Chinese youth national team has been trained one after ...

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Paris releases the poster of the All -Star Poster of the Architecture: Messi confrontation Cristiano Ronaldo

At 1 am on January 20th, Beijing time, Paris will play a friendly match with the Leiye All -Star team. At that time, Messi and Ronaldo may compete in the ...

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Messi Data: 3 shots 0 shots and 1 key pass and 2 steals 2 times

In the 19th round of Ligue 1, Paris lost 0-1 away. Rennen. In the whole game, Messi played for 90 minutes, fired 0 times in 3 shots, 81%of the success rate ...

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