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China’s ranking: Lin Xizhen’s world 15 unchanged He Mui rising slightly

He Mumini On January 10, Beijing time, mainland Chinese players were resting in the last week. Its world ranking changes are mainly due to the relationship ...

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China Ranking: Yuan Yichun ranks the top of Li Haotong and Wu Ashun rose slightly

On January 10, Beijing time, because there were no Chinese players participating in world points last week, their world ranking changes were mainly caused by ...

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700,000 to account!Golf respects China (indoor) open championship

Golf respects China (indoor) Open Women's Finals Qian Hongxia (right), Golf's chairman of China Park Xingfeng (left) On January 8th, Golf respected China ...

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Golf Respect for the China Open Women’s Finals Press Conference in Shanghai was held in Shanghai

Golf respects Chinese chairman Park Xingfeng with women's professional players, golf respect for Chinese brand ambassador Sui Xiang, unveiled the trophy On ...

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Chinese women’s top ten world rankings rising and falling analysis Lin Xizhen has the largest increase

On January 6, Beijing time, after a year of competition, whether it was the US tour or the Japanese tour, most of the top ten women's players are currently ...

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China’s top ten goals in the world ranking rising and falling analysis of overseas warfare achievements are significant

On January 5th, Beijing time, 2022 has passed, how can the world rankings of mainland Chinese players change? A lot of fans are concerned. The following we ...

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Chinese women’s rankings have their own rising and falling, Lin Xizhen Lu Wanyao Shi Yuting is the top three

Lin Xizheng On January 3, Beijing time, there were no Chinese players participating in world points last week. However, because of the world ranking ...

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China Ranking: Sui Xiang won the first championship to 459 Zhao Zhimeng 489

Dysentery On December 27th, Beijing time, after the Guangzhou girl Sui Xiang rushed many times, she finally made a breakthrough in the Zhuhai Women's ...

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China Ranking: Zhou Yan won the championship to 2,301, Ma Chengyao 1935,

Zhou Yanhan (right)) On December 27th, Beijing time, 14 -year -old player Zhou Yan defeated Shen Nannan in the extension of Chongqing Shangbang, becoming ...

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Qiu Zihang and Wang Qianzi won the Finals of the Chinese Amateur Open Finals

On December 25, after four days of competition, the "GAC Honda · 2022 China Amateur Open · Finals" ended successfully in the Guangdong Zhenhu Golf Club. ...

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Wan Yuanyuan’s annual results of peaceful women’s mid -tours suddenly broke out

Wan Yuanyuan On December 25, Beijing time, the Zhuhai Women's Challenge in the Guowei Central Plaza has come to an end. The Guangzhou girl Sui Xiang won the ...

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Chongqing Open 14 -year -old Zhou Yanhan won the championship and win the championship Ma Chengyao to win the European patrol qualification

On December 25, the 2022 China Golf Tour · Chongqing Open successfully ended in Chongqing Shangbang Sports Club.Chongqing's local amateur player Zhou Yanhan ...

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