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If Kong Jie laughed at the same age, who would be more popular?

In the era when Chang Hao and Guli opened the comprehensive confrontation with Han Liu, the two were still lacking in a helper. In 2005, Luozhong River ...

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Ruo Bai: In 2022, the Chinese chess player bonus list Li Xuanhao 1.55 million Kejie 560,000

The article is transferred from Baijia Number: Ruo Bai Go column The new year has just begun, and everyone naturally cares about the bonus income of 2022. So ...

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The fourth Cao Zhilin of the New China Go “Seven Seeds”

(Transfer from the "Wild Fox Game" WeChat public account) In the 1970s, a top -level member of the Shanghai -famous Shanghai master Cao Zhilin, who was ...

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The new year’s chess jihad opened in Chunshan Villa: the first day of the first game

(Transfer from "Remoring Questions") Translator's Note: First of all, he feels very much (Sheng) Xie (QI) The Holy Battle of the Player of this chess jihadin ...

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The Korean League “Cross -daily” against the game, Shen Zhenzhang, two games a day and two games 33 consecutive victories

(Transfer from the "Wild Fox Game" WeChat public account) Special reporter Gu Ke reported that on the evening of January 14th, 2022-2023 KB National Bank of ...

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Member of Guli: Go to the campus for Go is a major trend. It is recommended to include the school -based course

(Transfer from "Upstream News")2023 The two sessions of Chongqing, the government work report proposed to build a strong city of sports, which made the ...

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South Korea launched the Bank of Korea and Asia MZ Super Ring Tournament Park Shen led a team to confront

The article is transferred from: wild fox network author: Ding Wei In 2022, the New Lake Cup Three Kingdoms Women's Tournament, the Government Cup ...

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Japanese Go’s Future Double Heroes Peak confrontation, chess battle, Seven Fanqi Kiqi Kai is about to start

The article is transferred from the public account: the excuse is quietOriginal site: https: // oyt8t50077// ...

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The year of the tip of the time: Chang Hao Ying’s Cup win the women’s team to hold Zhengguanzhuang Cup

Chinese Go has not achieved good results in the past two years, and many chess fans are inevitable, but compared with the "Dark Period" two or thirty years ...

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Tang Chongzhe, the famous team of the “Han Sauce Cup” Finals, won the championship 8 sections

The article is transferred from the China Go Association On January 10, all the events of the Fifth "Han Sauce Cup" National Amateur Go Contest ended in ...

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Yi Xing: The top ten pairs of the year in 2022 (below) Shen Zhenzheng on the list

The article is transferred from the public account: Yi Xing WorldForeword Although it was a year when Chinese Go was difficult to move forward, there were ...

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The fifth time the Korean Go League, the timeout chess players need to adapt to the new time system

Transfer from according to the Sports Weekly Reporter Xie Rui reported that the tenth game of the Korean Go League regular season on the evening of ...

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