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Salle 32+15 Gu Quan 10 points Shenzhen Shengqingdao He Xining 16+12

On January 15, Beijing time, the 27th round of the CBA regular season, Qingdao team 99-106 lost to the Shenzhen team. Qingdao team: 37 points in Dopris, ...

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The NBA champion guards were officially cut Cook for only 14 games and left the CBA

On January 11, Beijing time, the CBA officially updated the relevant information of foreign aid registration, and the Zhejiang Guangsha team canceled Quinn ...

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Cole: Curry has no strict time limit and will not bear too many tasks

On January 11, Beijing time, the Golden State Warriors will face the Phoenix Sun at home today. In this game, Stephen Curry determined to come back. In an ...

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Why is Noer Embiid’s unevenness on the MVP list?

On January 11th, Beijing time, Noel was not upset for his ex -teammate Erde.When it comes to ex -teammates, Noll believes that Embiid is not among the best ...

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Bench Wei Shao’s 12 assists in the Double League for a total of 10 alternatives 10 times

On January 11, Beijing time, after Russell Westbrook was arranged by the head coach Darwin Him this season, his performance has been significantly improved, ...

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The Raptors have poor records and will give the existing lineup for a while

On January 11, Beijing time, the Raptors had a bad record, and many teams stared at them if they would dismantle the team, but the information they revealed ...

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Potter’s left -foot surgery season has been reimbursed until the Raptors play only 8 games to rest

On January 11, Beijing time, the Toronto Raptors officially announced today that the team forward Orto Potter received reimbursement this season. Potter ...

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Bulls will undergo arthroscopic surgery at least 15 games and stop games

On January 11, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, the Chicago Bulls player Jaonut Green has been absent from the team's multiple games due to ...

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Curry is determined to return to the sun today or be subject to time limit

On January 11, Beijing time, according to relevant media reports, the star of the Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry determined today that the injury was ...

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The eagle wants to sell the Nets for Corinth to get the three giants for dismantling

On January 11, Beijing time, the Eagle striker John Cosetus recently attracted people's attention.According to "Heavy", an Eastern executive talked about ...

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Peteson 39 points Auruel 20+11 Tongxi winning Sichuan Linyu 13 points

News on January 10, Beijing time, in the 25th round of the CBA regular season, the Sichuan team 84-107 lost to the Daxi team. Sichuan team: Hong Xin 11 ...

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Guo Ailun 15+6+8 Liaoning Like Beijing won 6 consecutive victories Zeng Fanbo 19 points

Beijing time on January 10th, the 25th round of the CBA regular season, Liaoning 82-74 Like Beijing team.The Liaoning team achieved a 6 -game winning streak, ...

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