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Capello: Spain’s control tactics failed completely without Messi Xiaobai Can’t play

Italian coach Capello believes that the Spanish team was eliminated at the World Cup, which means that the so-called Tiki-Taka tactics have finally been abandoned.

Capello said the World Cup ended an end to the so-called Tiki-Taka tactics.Spain’s “pseudo -center” tactics are proven to fail.”Pseudo -center” is a means that can play a role in some cases, but it cannot be used as a long -term tactical use. The role of the center is the key to tactics.

Capello pointed out the problem of the Spanish team, that is to let the ball control the ball, but it lacks speed. This is useless.In fact, even Guardiola’s current football is different from 10 years ago, and his tactics have made progress.

Capello also pointed out that this Tiki-Taka tactic in Spain requires the peak Messi and Iniesta to implement it before it is effective.

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  1. Habai Bu is the soul. Messi is just the one who picks the peach. He has left Habai for 7 years and reversed the tragedy. In addition, Saudi Arabia has 8 years 8 times

  2. The control is no problem. The key you want to attack.England is also passing control but there are a lot of goals, there are many key passing, and there are many assists.

  3. Guagua killed Germany and killed Spain.

  4. Old card is old and old, how old Ti Messi Messi is not in Spain. You are rarely listened to this old thinking opinion.It is precisely that England is progressing, incorporating a single long passing into the bottom of the bottom, with advancement.

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    TheholderisGongmingrecently 12月 9, 2022 at 2:20 上午

    You can feel it if you play live. Many teams pass the ball is too slow. After stopping the ball and passing the ball too long, it is difficult to make a pass control.

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