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Cantonese media: The Guangzhou team loses it reasonablely that players should not lose confidence

New Express News reporter Gao Jing reported last night that the Guangzhou team’s AFC Champions League continued. Facing the powerful Osaka cherry blossoms, the team encountered a defeat and lost 0: 5 to the opponent. After the 5 group stage, the Guangzhou team won five consecutive defeats, lost 12 goals, and did not score.

Osaka cherry blossoms are currently in the group name, and the two sides are in the first round. The Guangzhou team lost the game with 0: 2, which is also the first appearance of the Guangzhou Youth Army in the AFC Champions League. At that time, in the face of the opponents who played the whole master, the Guangzhou team basically did not fight back, and the audience was in a state of deadness. Only 2 goals are still lucky for the team.

The cherry blossoms in this campaign made a large rotation of the starting start, and a lot of substitute players were used. Except for the No. 15 Stepon Dream, the remaining 10 were changed.

Before the game, the coach of the Guangzhou team Liu Zhiyu revealed that while the team was doing a good job of defense, they would try to seek breakthroughs on the positioning ball and boldly attack. “In the past two games, there are not much gap in the score, but we still have a lot of shortcomings in the competition. We must learn lessons and learn more. At the same time, try to try more offensive means.”

After the start of the game, the Guangzhou team was based on the defense, but the opponent’s offensive was very fierce, and soon the beam was shot. In the 32nd minute of the game, the Guangzhou team once again had an old problem that was not tightened.

Throughout the first half, the Guangzhou team was still in a state of passive beating. The team’s ball control rate was only 33%. After the adjustment of the midfield, Osaka cherry blossoms gradually used the main players, which also made the team further occupy the advantages on the field. Although the Guangzhou Youth Army was very positive, the helpless strength was very different. The entire second half was scored 4 goals by the opponent, and finally lost the game with 0: 5.

In fact, in the final stage of the game, Ruan Sai had an excellent opportunity in front of the goal, but his shot missed the right post. This is also the closest time for the Guangzhou team in the AFC Champions League. After the game, Liu Zhiyu said: “The team in this campaign has a very good opportunity. The team members are too nervous when they face the opportunity and do not do the best choice.

In summary, the Guangzhou team is still very fighting, but it still lacks a lot of confrontation with the main team of the J League, and the loss is reasonable.

According to the schedule, the last game of the Guangzhou team was played at 10 pm on the 9th, and the opponent was the Lion Port Team from Thailand. Although they encountered five consecutive defeats, I hope that the players should not lose confidence and strive to score in the last game.

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