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Cantonese media reminds Evergrande: Gurashu and Judu defeat must be alert to a general



■ New Express reporter Gao Jing

Tomorrow, Guangzhou Evergrande will start the AFC Champions League semi -final journey, and the team will challenge the Japanese team Puhe Red Diamond. The goal of Guangzhou Evergrande in this campaign is extremely clear: strive not to lose the goal, and at the same time score away.

Speaking of which, Guangzhou Evergrande has not won the AFC Champions League this season. If it is calculated with last season, the team’s continuous record in the AFC Champions League has reached 7 games. The expedition to Japan is also a good opportunity for the team to break the embarrassing record.

From the perspective of the semi -final schedule, Guangzhou Evergrande still occupies an advantage. After all, the player can allow the team to leave a lot of room in the second round. Essence

Earlier, Guangzhou Evergrande made a role in the AFC Champions League twice, and the away goals played an important role. The last round can eliminate Kashima antlers, and it also relies on Taliska’s away goals. While the opponent has recently downgraded, if Guangzhou Evergrande can get one or two away goals, the possibility of the team’s promotion in the final will increase.

However, the Guangzhou Evergrande team has also been tired recently, and has not won the recent five games. Last week, the team practiced hard at the base at the base. On the 29th, the team also went to Tianhe Stadium for trading training, in order to let the players find the rhythm of the game as soon as possible. On the 30th, the team went to Japan to prepare for the game.

What fans are more concerned about how the offensive routine exercises of Exsson, Paulinho and Taliska? After all, the three people have not yet produced a particularly good chemical reaction. It is not ruled out that the team will have a series of changes in the 2nd day.

For the upcoming AFC Champions League semi -finals, the Asian Football League also conducted a series of potentials. Taliska was listed as a key figure of the Guangzhou Evergrande by the AFC. It is extremely confident. He said that his goal this season is the AFC Champions League. “I have never participated in the AFC Champions League before. The high -level competition in the AFC Champions League has left a deep impression on me. It is very technically excellent. They like and want to control the ball more. I like their way of game very much. This is very similar to the European team, but at the same time, Chinese football also has its own style. For me, it has become Asia in Asia. The champion is my goal, which is why I am here. “

During the relegation of the trapped league, Puhe low tide period is not unpleasant

In the last round of the Japanese League (J League), Puhe Red Diamonds tied the birdcifier 3: 3 to the 13th place in the league with a score of 32 points. It was only 4 points from the relegation zone. If you are not careful, it is not impossible to slide to the downgrade zone. It can be said that the relegation pressure of Puhe Red Diamonds in the domestic arena is still very high.

In addition, in a cup on September 25, Puhe Red Diamond lost to FC Honda, the fourth -level team of the Japanese League at home at home, and was blocked outside the top eight. Exit.

Recently, Puhe Red Diamond records are really bad. The team played in 13 games in August and September, with a record of 1 win, 7 draws and 5 losses. Or at 1: 0 on July 6th, Small Sendai Vegatai.

The league is hopeless and the cup is out. In this way, Puhe Red Diamonds can compete for only the AFC Champions League this season. The coach Da Yiyi also bears tremendous pressure. Presumably two rounds to face Guangzhou Evergrande in the next two rounds, the entire team of Puhe will be desperate and fights.

Historically, Puhe Red Diamonds won the AFC Champions League trophy twice in 2007 and 2017. In the AFC Champions League this year, Puhe Red Diamonds still perform well. The team was divided into a group with Guoan, Jeonbei Hyundai, and Wuli South Lian. First, they eliminated Guoan in the group stage, and then eliminated Shanghai Shanghai Port in the 1/4 finals. Two Chinese Super League teams went home successively, and their strength could not be underestimated.

More importantly, Puhe Red Diamond’s record at the Super League team at home is 6 wins and 2 draws. So far, there are no defeats. These 8 games have scored all goes. This psychological advantage will also better help Pu and Hong Diamond fight at home.

Earlier twice was a guest, Guangzhou Evergrande suffered a defeat. In 2013, the lead team defeated 2: 3, and the leader in Scolari in 2016 was 0: 1.

It should be noted that the main striker of the Puhe Red Diamond Team has scored 7 goals in the AFC Champions League. In the face of this good player, Guangzhou Evergrande still has to be prepared.

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  1. After the climax, it was paralyzed, and Evergrande was no exception! pity! Hurry up, make up for your body, and continue!

  2. Reply
    Shenzhenflowerviewingguest 11月 16, 2022 at 8:18 上午

    must not be required too high, the head coach has to arrange for playing.

  3. [Surprised] [Surprise]

  4. Gentleman revenge, four years later. Boss Xu pays for 15 years of stir -frying the vegetable card.

  5. Does Evergrande want to secretly change coaches? The team with the number one in Maozhong has lost the person who is about to be relegated

  6. Taliska helped Puhe Red Diamond, Guoan, Shanghai Port Do you know if you eliminate Evergrande, Karnavaro?

  7. Reply
    Ihavecalledmetobreakthroughsincechildhood 11月 16, 2022 at 8:18 上午

    All the Super League fans know that Taliska is now a catastrophe. Only Canavaro still stubbornly treat him as a treasure and brother -in -law.

  8. Reply
    MasterXiaoyuanKangkang 11月 16, 2022 at 8:18 上午

    Evergrande may not harvest this season

  9. Shanggang VS Puhe, 2 draws were eliminated. Some sprayers said that Shanggang kneeling day. Do you have won people from Evergrande. If you lose tonight, you will not face your face.

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