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Cangzhou male lion assistant: Zhan Shenhua responded to the old belt with a new hug learning attitude

On the afternoon of January 4th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the Chinese Football Association Cup in the 2022 season will start the first round of the finals.Before the game, Su Jingyu, the acting coach of the Cangzhou male lion team, and player Yang Yiming attended the press conference.

During the outlook and Shanghai Shenhua team, Su Jingyu, assistant coach of the Cangzhou Lion Team, said: “This is the first time that our team has reached the Finals of the Football Association Cup.The standard of the game is not reached, so some young players will be used in this game. We also used some young players in the last two rounds of the league. Their performance also brought us some surprises. Some old players on the field were old.With new, I hope that these young players can get exercise, long -knowledge, and up -to -rise ability. We will also learn from Shanghai with a learning attitude and hope to bring a wonderful game to give back to everyone. “

Yang Yiming, the player of the Cangzhou male lion team, said at the press conference: “As the league end, our team is also preparing the Football Association Cup step by step. The team now has many young players. I hope everyone will play their own characteristics., Get good results. “

A reporter asked that the team refreshed the best results of the Football Association Cup history. What kind of mentality will the old players play the Football Association Cup?Yang Yiming replied: “As an old player, I also hope to bring young players to kick out their own level. As long as they play their state in the U21 league, we still have a certain competitiveness. I still hope to learn more from their opponents and play at the same time.Out of our own level, achieve good results. “

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