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Can I lose weight while playing games?Competitive puzzle game better effect

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You can lose weight while playing games. Do you dare to believe it?

50 players consumed the calories when playing the game with intelligent wearable devices in the experiment. The result was incredible:

In the 2 -hour game, men’s players consume an average of 420 kcal of calories, and more female players need more, with an average of 472 kcal.

It is equivalent to playing for 2 hours to consume a cup of 600ml milk tea (normal sugar) or 1 liter of cola.

You know, they do not test the body that needs to be moved by the fitness ring, but sit in front of the computer to play “FIFA” (football game) and “Call of Duty: Theater” (eating chicken games).

Brainstorming energy consumption is beyond your imagination

The study comes from the Stakerser game platform, which speculates that high energy consumption is related to the high concentration and rising heart rate when high energy consumption.

In addition to gamers, similar phenomena also appear on chess players.

In the 2018 Main Island’s international chess game, players wore Polar smart wristband monitoring various physiological indicators.

Antipov, a master -level player from Russia, consumed 560 kcal in 2 hours.

Video games and chesss that only need to be done by moving can be done. Where does the calories consume?

The answer is the brain.

Adult brain weighs only 2%of weight, but the calories consumed account for 20%of the daily calorie intake.

Studies by EVAN MCNay, the State University of New York State University, pointed out that the more complex cognitive activities, the more glucose consumed by the brain.

Research by Claude MESSIER at the University of Ottawa further pointed out that when dealing with new problems, the brain consumes more energy to build new connections between neurons, such as learning new languages ​​and new instruments.

From this point of view, when you encounter a new situation in international chess, the new battle will meet this condition at all times.

Maybe this is the “brain burning” that people say.

Since playing games is so consumed, why didn’t you see who he only rely on playing games to lose weight successfully?

Can I lose weight while playing games?

After careful analysis, the reason may be the following points.

First, the brain can maintain high -intensity activity time. After a long time, the glucose reserves have decreased, and the cognitive level and calorie consumption will also decrease.

It should be noted that eating can be supplemented at this time, but it is likely to eat it, which causes the calories to consume more than consumption.

Second, if the game is irregular due to playing games, staying up late and causing metabolic confusion is also easy to gain weight.

Third, it is also necessary to play fast -paced competitive games, which often allows the brain to handle new situations, or highly difficult puzzle games like chess.

Simple and repetitive leisure games are likely to not achieve the effect of weight loss.

If a game is very familiar and good at playing, it is equivalent to decreased difficulty for the brain, and it will also reduce the required heat consumption.

Finally, add some precautions:

In many studies mentioned above, one hour of mental activity is equivalent to how much physical activity consumes calories. This article is removed.

Because this is easy to cause misleading, brainstorming does not replace the benefits of physical activity to the body, such as exercise of muscles and cardiopulmonary.

In addition, the University of Queensland also has a study based on 65 national e -e -sports players:

The top 10%of the e -sports players are obviously more physical activity than the players who are behind.

It seems that if you want to play the game well, you can’t exercise.

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