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Caimin’s two consecutive years of Football Lottery 1.49 million+600,000 to enjoy the process of analyzing the event

Watching football events brings a visual feast to sports fans, and the traditional football lottery of play brings more fun to the game.Traditional Football Lottery is the earliest quiz sports lottery in my country. Since its listing, there are countless fans, of which 14 of them have been sought after by many lottery buyers.On January 5th, Football Lottery won the 23002th draw of 14 games. In the current period, a total of 38 first prizes were issued, the single bet was 1415,210 yuan, the second prize was 1084, and the single bet was 9,890 yuan.Mr. Zhang (Hua’s surname) from Jinan Lucky Buyer won 1 first prize with a reciprocating ticket, 8 prizes in the second prize, and a single ticket won more than 1.49 million yuan.

On the day of the lottery, Mr. Zhang quickly released the Body Lottery Center to receive the opening of the year.It is understood that Mr. Zhang has been participating in passing for more than ten years.In the past years, he has accompanied him with countless exciting moments. The years of fans’ experience and unique insights have made him a lot of bonuses.Last year, he also won the first prize of 14 outfits, with a prize of more than 600,000 yuan.With the arrival of the New Year this year, Mr. Zhang once again won the first prize of the 14th out -and -defeat, and the bonus doubled.

The five major leagues are the focus of his concern. Although not betting every issue, he will analyze the game with a good game.He enjoys the process of studying competitions and analyzing the event. Sometimes he will communicate with salesperson and buyers of sports lottery stores. Everyone express their opinions, convey information, communicate with feelings, and add a lot of fun to the bland life.

Every time you buy 1 bet and 2 yuan traditional football lottery, 0.44 yuan has become a lottery public welfare fund, which is widely used in a number of social public welfare and sports undertakings.Traditional Football Lottery not only brings the fun of quiz, but also built a bridge to dedicate love and help public welfare.If you also like to watch the ball, you can participate in passing, bringing more happiness and adding color to public welfare.

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