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Cai Jing: New Year’s “Friends of Time” and some of my feelings about Go

The article is transferred from the public account: The reason is reasonable in the chess author: Cai Jing

The theme of Mr. Luo Zhenyu’s speech in the new year was “inspiring this idea.”

This theme has some “inspiration” to me.In recent years, more and more friends have asked me what does it mean to learn Go?I haven’t found an accurate answer before.

Perhaps in the infinite chessboard, through our own efforts and experience, we can “inspire” our Go in our lives with our own efforts and experiences.

The first story of the lecture is the bankrupt “Longhua Brother” replenishment of the electric vehicle seat cave.”Longhua Brother” is full of the street to help others make up the seat holes, and then leave a QR code to see how much money is paid to the other person’s mood.I have done similar things before, a bit of “personnel, listening to destiny”.From the perspective of business, maybe doing this is not clever, but I believe this is an attitude of doing things.

Many chess players and chess fans have doubts in their hearts. No matter how hard they work in their lives, they will not win AI. What is the meaning of Go?I think this is a typical definition of difficulties.We should believe that meaning is generated, not the result of the result.

“Losing” will never be terrible, because “winning” will never be fundamental.

Many people have a large number of games, hoping to enhance their understanding through proficiency, but this is obviously half the effort.Understanding must be considered, and though chess is thinking, the purity is not so high.Most of us do not lack the number of understanding. What is lacking is the ability to correct the wrong understanding of the past.In my cognition, nothing is more efficient than overthrowing my understanding.

The second story is to let us insist on telling the truth while promoting.

This problem is more serious in the promotion of Go.Go is very high, but the threshold and difficulty are extremely high through the real benefit of Go.When most people are promoting, they do not recognize the effects of publicity.This also makes myself suffer a lot of pressure while insisting on doing things, and often doubts themselves.

In Go, I think I do it well, and therefore offend many parents and teachers.Because of my confidence in the value of Go, I can stick to the bottom line of the truth.If one day is really shaking, I think it should be farewell.

The third story is that the mother takes the child to see Gandhi, hoping that Gandhi can persuade the child to quit sugar.

Gandhi insisted that he would come again next month, because he did not quit sugar himself at this time.

Only when we experience it ourselves can we teach effective experience to others.If the teacher does not play chess at all, or cannot benefit from the game, it is obviously unrealistic to want the child to grow rapidly through the game.

This inspiration I really feel the same in Go teaching.Professional chess players need to process tedious information on the chessboard in a limited time, and the experience formed far exceeds its knowledge.It is not easy to teach knowledge to others effectively to others. It is even more difficult to teach experience.If you want to be a good Go teacher, no matter how high the level, you may need to do it to return to the truth, learn to go again, and gradually transform your experience into knowledge.

The fourth story is that Mr. Luo Zhenyu himself has persisted for ten years.

Compared to Teacher Luo, I have no self -discipline nor too high requirements for myself.The only thing I do is to insist on my favorite and think of enough meaning.In the process of persistence, I also encountered more and more passers -by, which is also my greatest honor.Their affirmation made me have more confidence, and at the same time helped me fill a lot of shortcomings.

This is the first part of the speech, I think I do well.Of course, this mainly thanks to Go. There is enough space for me to insist on what I want.

The second part is mainly about the story of cross -border transfer.

For many years, if you have only technology, it must be a failure.The kernel is far more important than the surface technology. If you really work hard, you should be full of confidence wherever you go.

There are too many things that Go can do, and it will never be done. Cross -border things do not need to consider.

I have always wanted to experience all kinds of work in the short term, and also confirmed from the side to learn what to learn Go.

These are lacking, no wonder you can’t make money.

The third part mainly talks about the deep digging details and respect for others.

When I was a kid, I was often more than how much chess and how many questions I had to do every day.This may be the “inner volume” now.With the improvement of understanding, it is gradually discovered that the lack is not the quantity, but the quality.If we take time to slow down, whether it is in the bureau or after the bureau, if it tastes a little better, every time it can be better, I want to understand the understanding of the chess.

Many people think that playing chess is to “hook the heart” on the chessboard.If we really want to play chess, our decisions should be kind.We must not only trust our opponents, but also win the trust of the opponent as much as possible.

We want to win a game of chess, which is the ultimate efficiency of both sides.The efficiency is cut out in the long match. If the details do not pay attention to the details, the quality of the game is difficult to go up.

The fourth part is mainly about “near and far”. When we think of poetry and the distance, we may wish to look at it first.

In the era of this amount of information explosion, some seductive information was enlarged infinitely, and people did not know it into the state of “so high and far away.”This is also the most serious problem in Go in Go teaching.Many people do not “read the question”, nor have they undergoing the training of “solving problems”, but they are submitting the answer crazy.If you want to change the world, you must first change the people around you.If you want to change the people around you, you must start from the kernel, not knowledge and skills.

The fifth part is mainly about “small and big”, and nothing is easy.

The level of decision is often not treated with the attitude of “big”, and the direction of “big” is often consistent regardless of the level of level.The attitude towards “small” reflects the difference in level.Professional chess players often have such dialogue with amateur chess players. Occupation: “Lost two -eye chess here”, amateur: “It does not affect winning or losing.”In the end, it is the details that determine the success or failure.

I think the top chess player will be deeper, but think about the big bosses now, maybe the mentality may be better.Regardless of the environment, if you can’t change, you can only try to apply.

Part 6 mainly talks about work consciousness.

Creation can generate more added value, thereby better reflecting its own value.

In the process of learning chess, we stifled a lot of creative space for the so -called “practicality”.As a result, it should have been chess and gradually evolved into the chess.The ultimate goal and practicality guide the overall situation, and the chess itself has lost its due “soul”.

This is also the importance of we repeatedly emphasized.Records mean respect and affirmation of each decision.If this cannot be done well, it is naturally difficult to accumulate efficiently.

The seventh part is about knowing what you want and keeping your own rhythm.

Playing chess is actually a sense of measurement.What we are pursuing should have been the most “fair” chess on the chessboard.Everyone can find many good chess, but it is a minority who accepts mediocrity.

Keeping your own rhythm is not simple. Even the top masters often fall into the competing in front of you and forget your original intention.

Persist in doing what you are worth doing, believe that the future must be beautiful.

Compared with the analysis of future dynamics, I personally think that at this moment, the understanding of static is more important.

Finally, Teacher Luo’s new ten -year goal is looking for “people who do things”.

The label of the noun is like a sweet poison, which makes people lose cheerful.

I have been on the road, just to be a better self.

Finally, please forgive me for naked stealing pictures. If you want to blame the pictures, do it.EssenceEssence

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