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C Luo Fa Wen celebrates the 5th World Cup break: I dare not think about this dream

On Friday, Cristiano Ronaldo updated his social networking website account and talked about his achievements in the 5th World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo made a picture of playing at the 5th World Cup and wrote: “I scored in the 5th World Cup. This is a feat that I dare not think about it, but this also proves that nothing is impossible.of.”

“The pride I feel on behalf of Portugal can only be compared with the joy brought by every goal I scored for the national team. These goals are transformed into the victory dedicated to our people.Everything has just begun! “

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  1. The sunspots are a bit slow, and the dead ash re -ignition

  2. The skin can be thicker, so that the 10th time can break the door

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    Speciallickingeggbunrice 26 11 月, 2022 at 2:18 上午

    I just said that if the motherland can win, would they rather not score the goal?Here I started to blow this great diving penalty.

  4. Ronaldo: I use actual actions to trick their dreams

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    TheclampisGongmingrecently 26 11 月, 2022 at 2:18 上午

    Do you say Saudi Arabia?It was a teammate who cheated him. He just grabbed something.

  6. This trick is also recorded in each session.

  7. He is now a laid -off employee.It does not belong to the Premier League nor the five major leagues. Ask the media not to see this person in the Premier League category.

  8. Take care of the referee, where is the penalty

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