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Business chess king Zhou Tianle: business tide chess to take big potential and happyness is Yi Xin


Zhou Tianle


Business chess king contestant Zhou Tianle

“The chess road is like a business, black and white and clear, and you can see the business of the business world. It can be seen that it operates mysterious machines. Cross -border union, strong collision, is the purpose of the business chess king. Nie Weiping, the initiator of the business chess king, said. The annual business chess king’s finals are about to sound drums. Together with the 2018 CITIC Real Estate Cup Women’s Siege League, the final suspense is unveiled in Kunming, Spring City. Business elites and Jingrui Confucian merchants are about to wait for the pillow, talk about the tutium.

In March of Yangchun this year, the third business chess king unveiled war kicked off in Bijie, Guizhou. This year’s business chess king Sai Liqi for more business Go enthusiasts to participate in it, select in various competitions, and finally start the finals. Today, let’s get to know the champion of the Beijing Station branch, the contestant of the business chess king finals: Zhou Tianle, chairman of Zhonglebao Investment.

In the chess circle, there are two “General Zhou” from Wen Shang. “Da Zhou” is Zhou Xingzheng, chairman of Shanghai Jianqiao Group, who has supported Chinese Go industry and reputation for many years. Another “Xiao Zhou” is Zhou Tianle.

“President Xiao Zhou” Zhou Tianle, with high chess power, character is like name- “Lotte”, with his old friends, sometimes laughing and laughing.

Wenzhou and Lishui are closer to Lishui. For the sake of similar culture, Zhou Tianle and Ke Jie’s family have a good relationship. He and “Ke Dad” Ke Guofan are also a good opponent in chess. When the two meet, they often kill the dark sun, which is difficult to solve. In the 2016 Cloud Competition Cup News Media Championships, Zhou Tianle and Ke Guofan and others formed a “Cloud Team” to overwhelm the press team in various ways to win the championship. In this competition, Zhou Tianle and Ke Guofan both won five battles, and the strength of strength can also be glimpsed.

It is worth mentioning that in July 2016, the “Ao Neng Caofeidian Comprehensive Insurance Area Cup” China and South Korea Go Friendship Tournament was held in Beijing. “Welfare” and Li Changhao gave a game of guidance for three sons. In the end, Zhou Letian won the battle, and it was presented as a good story.


Zhou Tianle in the second business chess king competition

Zhou Tianle is the “frequent visitor” of the business chess king. He has a good record in the second season of the business chess king. “The Go master Zhou Tianle sacrificed the prepared hands and asked artificial intelligence to achieve a smooth victory.

In August of this year, the third business chess king Beijing branch game played in Xinhua International Plaza. In the first round, Zhou Tianle played against Yang Lotao. During the mid -stage, Zhou Tianle decisively abandoned the child, occupying the central government, and was amazing. The situation in the second half and the official stage was repeated several times. In the end, Zhou Tianle held the black 186 Son. The championship battle against Wang Jianjun, the central battle was seen to see the opportunity to “rely on the sky to slaughter the dragon”, and lock the victory in one fell swoop. Zhou Tianle, who won the championship, represented the Finals of the Battle and Commercial Chess King on behalf of the Beijing Division.

Zhou Tianle first started from the computer hardware industry, and then moved to the real estate industry and environmental projects. In recent years, it has begun layout in the field of medical and artificial intelligence. This step has been on the general trend along the context of China’s economic development in recent years.

As a senior Go enthusiast, Zhou Tianle also showed a strong interest in the popular Go artificial intelligence. He often came to a game with AI, and various novel changes were observed. Talking about the future development of artificial intelligence, Zhou Tianle said: I am engaged in traditional industries, real estate and environmental protection. At present, it is not too deep with AI. disuse.

(Hu Bo)

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