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Buick Youth Finals Opening Top Seed Seeds Changxi Emperor

Beginning in June, after eight stations, the 2022 Buick Chinese Youth Golf Championship and Buick National Youth Golf Elite Series Finals ushered in the first round of competition at the Putian Mazu Golf Club in Putian, Fujian.The honor and points awards of the first -level competition have attracted the top ten players in the high school and high school to come to compete, and the large drop design of the court and strong sea breeze have also brought greater challenges to the finals.In the first round of the game, the situation of the game was extremely stuck, and the men and women A were leading the lead.

Changxi, who ranked first in group A in the Chinese and High School Men, is the biggest popularity of the championship in this game.After the first round, he won the leading lead with a single round of 75 shots.However, Chang Xizheng, who has won three victories this year, also encountered a lot of challenges in the first round, especially after turning in the five holes, and lost six holes in the five holes.”Today I have a problem with my physical fitness. Fortunately, the last few holes were supplemented in time, so that I gained two birds in the end of the final stage and kept the lead.”For the first time in the past two years, the guy has occupied a leading position for the first time.”Recently, the state has been very sluggish, especially when I played the Biek Youth Golf Masters last month, I played more than 80 shots every day. It was really uncomfortable. But I didn’t give up, I kept practicing, and now I finally saw hope.”


Changxi 桓


Ren Bingzhang

The leading situation in the tongue also appeared in the women’s group A. Ren Yijia and Chen Yijing, who were only promoted this year, handed over 77 to get the first round of side -in -one.”I am very uncomfortable today. I can’t get any pain in the last hole.” Ren Yijia, who won the women’s group B championship in the opening battle this year, encountered physical discomfort in the first round, but she still persisted to the end.”Whenever I feel uncomfortable, I think I want to support it for a while, and I can finish it for a while, and I finally survive it!”A total of 14 games were participated in, and the girl of Zhengzhou hoped to make greater progress through continuous experience in the event.”I played a lot of games this year, so that my mentality has been tempered. Even if encountering ups and downs during the competition, the emotions can be calm. It can be said that I have learned to accept my shortcomings.”


Ren Yijia


Eason Chan

In terms of women’s group B, 12 -year -old Jiang Jin gave 74 shots in the first round, and won a separate lead with a three -shot advantage.Beijing girl admits that she has more confidence in the game after winning the sub -station champion in September.”The champion of Nantong’s stop is very helpful to me. Now even if you participate in the first -class match, you will not be nervous.” Jiang Jinhan, who was promoted to Group A for two months, hoped to use the finals of the finalsMake a successful ending for Group B.”I have never won the top three in the first -level match,

If you can win this time, it will definitely be a good gift before the group!”


Jiang Jin

Zhuhai player Li Mengyang handed over 75 shots in the first round to lead the men’s group B with an advantage.”The finals are first -level matches. I prepared three days in advance for three days in advance, hoping to achieve better results.” Li Mengyang, who once won many championships in Group C, has not been able to find it back after being promoted to Group B.At its peak, this time he hopes to return to the highest podium.”I have been suppressed for a long time. I have n’t won the championship for two years.


Li Mengyang

The first round of the finals came to an end in Putian’s long -lost sunny day. The players not only showed not only the desire for the champion, but also let us see the unyieldingness and perseverance of the Buick Gaoqiu teenager.EssenceTomorrow, Group B will take the lead in deciding the annual championship, let us look forward to the championship trophy!

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