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Bucks want to strengthen the wing target of the side of the wing, have been locked as Claude or Boyang

On January 6, Beijing time, Bucks want to increase the lineup.According to ACTION reporter Matt Moore, Bucks want to introduce winged players. The Claude and Pistons of the sun and Pagoga Bogdanovic were the goal of the Bucks, and Bucks have also driven the transaction to introduce them.

Bucks want to add another wing player.Last season, in order to introduce Ibaka, the Bucks sent a number of side players, and now they have to make up for it.

Bucks have been exposed to the sun and sought to deal with Claude, but the third -party rocket of the transaction wants more draft rights.The alliance news learned that if the Bucks have introduced other players, they would not be surprised.

Another potential trading goal is the Boyang of the Pistons.After the reimbursement of Cording Him season, the Pistons are unlikely to be willing to break up with the best players in the team, but considering that the Pistons will try their best to rush to the Lottery Zone, the Bucks still have the opportunity to fight for Boyang.

The latest news is that the Pistons opened a first round of signing and a promising young player for Boyang.

Whether the Bucks’ side wing players preference will make rich fruits, wait and see.(魑))

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  1. Does the Bucks still have the first round of signing

  2. Do you still have to say that Grant went to the Blazers really, can attack and defend.EssenceEssence

  3. veterans in their thirties are now the upper limit [Yun Bei].It is mainly plugged in, no matter where, the output is stable and experienced.

  4. The upper limit of the same limit as Grant.No matter how high it is, it is enough to swipe a few first rounds in the weak team

  5. No two in the first round can not be exchanged now, the efficiency is high, and the salary is low.

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