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Buckley: It’s time to rebuild the contract they signed too badly

On December 9th, Beijing time, Barkley lost trust in the 2022-23 season.In an interview with Joseph Salvador, a reporter from the Sports Illustrated, he said that the Heat was time to adjust the lineup and came again.

In an interview, Buckley said: “Maybe it’s time to adjust the lineup and come from scratch. It is like they signed some contracts … they are not in the event. Therefore, they need to come from scratch. This is my personal claim.. This is like, hey, it is time to get some players to a competitive team and change back to some young players. “

Barkley said that these words were by no means alarmist.The Heat currently only achieves 11 wins and 14 losses, tied with the Wizards 10th place in the East District.This is very different from the Heat of the finals and finals in the Eastern District.The Heat will face the first season since the 2018-19 season.

The Heat really wants to come from scratch?(魑))

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    Holdingthegrouptostarttheshamefulera 12月 10, 2022 at 2:48 上午

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  3. Duncan Robinson is scarce [Yun Bei] Well, the Lakers took over Nane [Laughing Cry]

  4. Lai LaiAfter removing the squeezing team, Wade, it was generous to other players. Wade later signed too many premium contracts

  5. Heart card [Smile] [Smile]

  6. There is the ability to take a championship for the Clippers and then talk [hee hee].Although Wei Shao is not worth this contract, it is much more practical than a small card?Although the Lakers are mostly injured, they are always better than the heart card.[Hee hee]

  7. The 76ers of the Clippers Nets said they were dissatisfied

  8. also should take the garden crown Disney Cup.There are few people who play for masks, and the schedule is also short. In the past 50 years, the most crowned crown

  9. The two chiefs of the small card are FMVP.There is no shortage of honor.The Clippers have no problem in the playoffs.Just wait for the card pepper to fully recover.

  10. The small card has won two championships, and both are FMVP.The Clippers are not worried about the playoffs. Besides, there are no small cards, the Clippers can rub the Lakers on the ground.The fast ship is fully recovered by the small card and pickles.[Haha]

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