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Buckley has not been talking to Jordan for ten years to anger Jordan

On November 23, Beijing time, Charles Buckley, a famous NBA and a well-known commentator, revealed in a program that he had not spoken to Michael Jordan for ten years.

Barkley revealed that he had the best friend with Jordan, but in 2012, he publicly criticized Jordan’s operational operation for Hornets in 2012. Then the two sides have never spoken again. It has been ten years.

Barcley said: “He was my best friend at that time. I love him like a brother who loves himself, but both of us are stubborn and never speak again after that. Losing this friendship may be in The biggest thing that happened to me, but I always frankly said my thoughts. For Jordan, the hardest part was that he had to let some people who told the truth. People will swarm, they will take your private plane to let you pay for all consumption, but just do n’t tell you the truth, just talk about it. “

Buckley and Jordan met in the 1984 American Men’s Basketball Olympic selection team, and then became good friends. The friendship between the two continued the entire NBA career. It was not until 2012 that Barkley’s criticism broke down.

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  1. Although Buckley has a big mouth, this is indeed the truth

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