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Brown: When the relationship between James and I was better to coach, too young

On January 5th, Beijing time, the king coach Mike Brown was interviewed by Jason Lloyd, a reporter of “The Athletic”. When he talked about the relationship between his coaching knight and James, he said that he did not cultivate the relationship with James as he wanted.It was better.

When talking about the relationship with James, Brown said: “Eating with him and drinking a drink together. But for me, I saw my work more and made efforts for basketball. Sometimes the best team was not the bestEmphasizing hard work, but those who know any balance work and life. “

“Because I am too young, I have been competing with myself. I hope to be more confident in myself. As a coach who is only 35 and 37 at the time. I hope to be myselfWhat I want to do this, and my relationship with LeBron. If you want, you can call us the best friend, I don’t care. ‘”

But it can be better. “

Brown and James cooperated in the Cavaliers for 5 seasons, and in the 2006-07 season, they played the Knights to enter the finals. This is still the first time that the Cavaliers history is the first.(魑))

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  1. Brown had a large contract behind the five years because of the Cavaliers.The first time I was a coach to coach Old Zhan was the luck of Brown.

  2. Coincidentally, James also hopes to control everything. The coach will be punished if they are not obedient

  3. This coach has two times

  4. Try to control everything?Can James be controlled by you?

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