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British Crown Reminder: Kaowen Tyra striker Vicot played 9 goals 20 times and scored 9 goals.




1. Data: When Shengping’s main victory data is around 2.45, the team’s actual probability of winning data is 40%higher than the opponent;

2. Player: The striker Vicot has made 9 goals of data 20 times so far, which is the team’s main force scoring;

3. Interception: The league has been intercepted 18.8 times in 20 games so far, ranking first in the English championship;

4. Defensive: The league has lost 19 goals in 20 games so far, and lost the smallest team for the British crown.


1. Size: In the past 10 leagues, 8 small scores have been played, and the team’s recent kick is too conservative;

2. Montess: 0-1 lost to Reading in the last round of the league. Previously, the 4-game winning streak ended, and the morale declined;

3. Corner: The league has only brushed 4 corner data for the league so far;

4. Fighting: In the past 10 times, I have won against Swansea, and the confrontation fell into the wind.



1. Fighting: In the past 10 times, I have achieved 6 wins and 4 draws with Caowen vertical.

2. Firepower: As many as 6 people scored more than 3 goals in the formation, the firepower is extremely balanced;

3. Shunfeng: The league of 8 advanced balls this season finally played 6 wins and 2 draws without defeat.

4. Clean Sheng: Oliville and Jor Pero scored 5 goals each, which is the main scorer in the team.


1. Sub -away: This season only won 3 times in various events, and the winning percentage is less than 30 %;

2. Data: When Shengping’s negative customer victory data is around 3.00, the team’s actual probability of winning data is only 30%;

3. Injury: Midfielder Walsh is absent due to the end of the Achilles tendon, and the return period is not determined.

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