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British Crown Reminder: Blackben’s main striker Jeydis scored 9 goals in the state of excellent status


Cardiff City


1. Attack: There are only one game in the recent game that there is no goal, and the overall offensive end is quite good;

2. Advantages: The team’s positioning ball has a good offensive ability, and the high -altitude ball ability is also excellent.


1. Status: The team has failed to win for three consecutive leagues, and the state is very bad;

2. Home: Nearly three at home losses, the home combat ability is very poor;

3. Weakness: The ability to control the ball is relatively average, and the long -range defense ability is less ideal;

4. Data: Losses six data in the last ten games, the data rate is not good.



1. Player: Jerry Jerdis currently scores 9 goals, and his personal competitive state is quite good.


1. Status: The team has failed to win for five consecutive rounds of the league, and achieved a record of 1 draw and 4 losses;

2. Winning: The team lost the goal nearly two away games, and the away combat ability is also worse;

3. Attack: I only scored 1 goal in the last five games, the offensive ability is very bad;

4. Data: The data in the past five games lost four games, and the data rate is quite inefficient;

5. Defense: There are only one game that has not lost the ball in the recent game, and the rest of the game has a record of throwing the ball.

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