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British Crown Reminder: Berneli’s strongest assists in the home league the most




1. Warfare: Although the standings are the first in the standings, only 3 points behind the team after led the team.

2. Status: In the past 10 games, various events have won 8 games, and the league has also won 3 consecutive victories. At present, the competitive status is still good;

3. Home: The league has remained undefeated at home so far. The home combat effectiveness is the strongest in English;

4. Attack: At present, the league has scored 46 goals.

5. Cooperation: Since the season, the team has brushed a total of 31 assists.

6. Transmission control: This season, the average ball control rate is as high as 64%, the success rate of passing is as high as 84%.


1. Suspension: Robert, the right -back of the last round of the league, unfortunately dyed the red, and the campaign will be suspended;

2. Injuries: Players such as striker Rodriguez, back waist Westwood are still injured, and the lineup is not complete.



1. Warfare: At present, the eighth place in the standings is currently ranked 8th, the first six and 2 points are behind, and the desire to grab points is strong;

2. Fighting: In the past 10 times, I have lost only 2 times with Bernley, and won 4 games during the period.

3. Sub -away: Only two times in the past eight away games have been lost 2 times. During the period, there were 4 successful triumphs, and the away combat effectiveness was good;

4. Defensive: There are only 22 goals from the league so far, the defensive quality is the second strongest in the British crown;

5. Monthful: In the last round of the league defeated Reading, successfully stopped rebounding, and morale was improved.


1. Injuries: Midfielder Gardner, Zhongwei Dien, and Wing Placheta are still injured, and the lineup is not complete.2. Transmission control: This season, the average ball control rate is only 42%, and the success rate of passing is only 68%.

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