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Brazilian coach: Don’t worry that Neymar will continue to play the World Cup

Brazil suffered nine fouls against Serbia and Neymar. After his ankle was injured, he left the field. From the perspective of the game, he was difficult to walk.

Brazilian doctors said they would evaluate Neymar’s injuries within 24 to 48 hours.

Neymar himself was unwilling to talk about his injuries. Brazilian head coach Titte said: “Don’t worry, Neymar will play the World Cup. He will continue to play, and now he can confirm this.”

Neymar’s teammate Rafinia said: “Neymar will get better and can play in the next game.”

Neymar’s father also said: “Neymar is very good, everything will be good.”

Danilo said: “I hope Neymar can recover as soon as possible. Neymar is Neymar, and we will miss him very much.”

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