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Both La Liga-Both Sides were judged to lose 1: 2 guest to lose Biliareal 1 to 2

In the early morning of January 8th, Beijing time, the 16th round of La Liga, Real Madrid lost 1-2 away to Biliareal.

In the 46th minute of the game, Mendi made a mistake, Morino assisted Pinotan, and Villarreal led 1-0.

In the 59th minute, the handball of Fay specially in the penalty area. The referee was sentenced to penalty ball after VAR prompts, and Benzema hit 1 to 1.

In the 62nd minute, Alaba accidentally handed up after slipping, Real Madrid was sentenced to a penalty, Morino scored a penalty, and eventually defeated Real Madrid 2-1.

Villarreal lineup: 1-Reina, 8-Foyte, 3-Albiol, 4-Bao-Torres, 18-Alveto Merrenen (71’24-Pedlasa),19-Kokland (88’14-Trigrose), 10-Palorho, 16-Bayina, 11-Chukezer, 7-Hrad-Morreno (88’9-DanjuHorse), 21-Jeremi-Pino (80’22-Morales)

Real Madrid lineup: 1-Kuruva, 3-Mili Tang, 4-Alaba, 8-Tony Cross, 9-Benzema, 10-Modric (69’12-Kamanga), 15-Balverde (81’11-Asencio), 18-Chuliamei (63’17-Basques), 20-Venitus, 22-Ludigeig, 23-Frand-Mendi(63’21-Rodrigo)

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  1. The French coach made him stubbornly regret that Benzema is the best penalty player in France.

  2. The last penalty is like the World Cup final. Messi seems to be

  3. Submarine can

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