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Blame you if you lose chess!Polish officials removed the Russian flag and attracted a stir


The national flag on the famous brand of Tansea Kuzna was removed by Polish officials

On Wednesday, at a Women’s International Chess World Championship, Polish officials removed the national flag next to Russian player Tanccitzna’s desk, which caused anger and protests in Russia. Coincidentally, six World Champions Tanccitzna Losing chess on the same day; the official then came forward to make a statement: While apologizing, he also argued that he had no choice.

In the International Play Women’s World Championships held in Warsaw on Tuesday, Tamara-Tamcuzna in Russia and Natalia-Sadoska in Poland, the competition official Acheck Pavlic won off The national flag on Tanccuzna’s famous brand. Organizers said that the world’s anti -doping agencies notified them to immediately withdraw the national flag of Russia, because according to stimulants sanctions, the Russians were banned from using the national flag to participate in major international activities.

Pavilic said he had apologized to Tancia Cuzna, but there was no other choice except for removing the national flag. “There is a term in international chess called ‘forced to move’. The brief explanation is: taking any further further will cause the situation to deteriorate. This is the case yesterday. Maybe we should close the camera at that moment. We did not expect this. It’s really under pressure. “

When the relative diplomatic exports between Poland and Russia were tense, the incident caused a new wave of anger in Russian social media. The chairman of the Russian Olympic Committee said it was a “serious error.” The Kremlin spokesman Dimitri-Peskov blamed Tanccuzna’s defeat on Tuesday on this incident. (Amber)

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