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Big spoon flipping Jin Chengjun led the team to win the Korean veteran league championship

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From November 9th to 19th, the 7th Biankang Cup veteran playoffs in South Korea decided the championship. The first Gaoyang team in the regular season relies on the advantages of rotation, and 2-0 victory over the three champion Busan KH energy teams. The young team composed of Li Yingxin’s sixth section (45 years old) won the championship for the first time, which fully proved that the age on the veterans is an unparalleled advantage.

The champion team took a photo. Coach Han Tiejun’s nine paragraphs (fourth from left) said: “Glory is dedicated to 1.08 million high -yang citizens. The viewing rate of the veteran league has risen sharply this year, and I feel very happy. As the champion team, we must win in the match with the women’s league champion.”

Finals scene.

The playoffs first challenged the third place in the Busan KH Energy Team by the Fourth Seoul Data Stream Team in the regular season. I can’t laugh to the end. Although Liu Changhe defeated Xu Fengxuan in the battle of the Lord on November 9, Kim Dongdong and Zhao Daxian lost to Jin Rihuan and Wu Guizhen, respectively, regretful. Kim Dongdong has lost six consecutive losses since the 20th half of the year on October 10th. He has finished all the number of officials after receiving the plate, showing unlimited unwillingness. Zhao Daxian has suffered seven consecutive defeats since October 4, including twoouts that dragged over the team’s timeout.

Xu Fengye Liu Changhe Di Di 76th. Even though Liu Changhe was significantly exceeded his peers, he was still getting farther and farther from the champion.

Liu Changhe (the lower left corner in the picture) watched these players from youth to the elderly to decide their destiny. Liu Changhe is the coach Liang Xianguo, Jin Dongzhang, and bench Li Jizheng on the left side.

Because the veteran league basically carried out in the studio of the Korean Chess Academy, the Seoul Data Stream Team was considered a “home battle”. In addition, Liang Xiangguo was popular for the popularity of Go in the year. He often had a backup group to visit the laboratory, but he has not been able to pay as expected. The picture shows the shooting on August 17. The visitors also brought the refueling brand that fans should support, which is unique to the veteran league.

On November 12 and 13, the Busan KH Energy Team challenged the second star Yongchuan team in the regular season. In the first round of the Yongchuan team, Li Xiangxun won a huge spoon under the victory of the victory, and was reversed by Xu Fengxuan. The second defeated Jin Zhongxiu also defeated Jin Rihuan and lost 0 to 2. The second round of Li Xiangxun bowed his head in front of his predecessor Xu Fengxuan. Kim Jong -hyun revenge Kim Il Huan, and the main force of the Yongchuan team continued to be absent due to a traffic accident. Essence As a result, Wu Guizhen won his luck and helped the Manan team to advance to the final.

Li Xiangxun (right, not Li Shishi’s brother Xiao Li Xiangxun) was born in 1973. In the face of the senior who was 20 years old, he even played a winning rate of one hundred points, which surprised the TV commentator on the spot.

Xu Fengye’s leading situation all the way to the second half of Li Xiangxun reversed. During the robbery on the left, Black 207 found the blind robbery due to blind spots, thinking that Black 209 and 211 could not be dug with sticky white.

The playoffs of this veteran league are in the evening, and all 70 -year -old Wu Guizhen (left) and Jin Zongjun (right) were already 9 o’clock in the local time. Stunning.

Looking at the strength and historical record alone, Wu Guizhen was enough to crush Jin Zongjun, but the difficulty of fast chess in the evening was doubled. At the end of the middle of the market, Jin Zongjun looked wrong, and the Liuzi was not returned. Jiuzi had to rob the looter and finally fell into a state of rains. When you are trying a few steps, you have to admit defeat. Jin Zongjun Black 225 turns on the left upper corner, White 226 sharp faint tricks! This chess must be killed all the way in the A2 position to walk. Black 227 will defeat in one fell swoop in B4. However, Jin Zongjun was incredible that he didn’t know the heavenly cutting, and was climbed by white 228, and everything was closed. What is even more unimaginable is that the two veterans did not notice that the winning rate was reversed here. It was not until the back of the laboratory that he sweated coldly and regretted it.

On November 18th and 19th, the Busan KH Energy Team challenged the finals of the regular season champion of Gyeonggi Gaoyang team. In the first round, the two sides were exhausted. By the hard battle until 11 o’clock in the evening, the Gaoyang team of Gyeonggi relied on the victory of Jin Chengjun and Bai Chenghao 2 to 1. In the second round, Xu Fengxuan’s old manner was shown, and he defeated Jin Chengjun. Jin Chanyou Yixue’s shame yesterday, defeating Jin Rihuan, the Gaoyang team of Gyeonggi won 2-0, winning the championship with a strong chassis.

Jin Chengjun, as the No. 1 player of the Gaoyang team, killed the Quartet and is the most popular candidate for MVP this season.

Jin Chanyou is a friend of Jin Chengjun. He was recommended by Jin Chengjun as his teammates.

Bai Chenghao has already transformed into a TV solution, but it is still a good player in the veteran league. In the first round of the finals, the “Savior” Wu Guizhen won the “Savior” (the nickname was often won in the third victory bureau), Missing the team.

Jin Chengjun’s foreign disciples visited the laboratory during the Gaoyang team of Gyeonggi, and even took the pet dog into the Korean Go TV station. The picture shows the shooting on October 10.

After the Gaoyang team in Gyeonggi decided to win the championship, the Busan KH Energy Team Corporation Jin Chenglai (the father of Jin Caiying and Jin Duoying, the third left in the picture) went to the Gaoyang team to congratulate the opponent to win.

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