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Big Lotto’s 300 million giant winners throw 1,800 yuan and still insist on work


Editor’s note: The highly anticipated Qatar World Cup is fighting, and the Sina Lottery also opened the “Review of the Great Award of 100 million yuan in the domestic lottery market”. With the process of the World Cup, while watching the ball and the lottery, you will take you to relive those those who revisit those those those who will relive those those ones. The moment of excitement of the giant award!

Today is the 6th competition on the World Cup. The protagonist is Mr. Deng (Hua’s surname) from Tai’an, Shandong. He uses a 5 -note single -formula 6th phase of the 1800 yuan to win the 300 million lottery prize. Mr. Deng saw the news on the second day of the lottery, and only appeared to receive the prize after eased a few days. Regarding the use of bonuses, Mr. Deng said that he would not change his life and still insist on work.

Open your mouth to donate, 10 million yuan in donations! Yes, you read it right, and the editor wrote right. Dare to ask who is so big? Naturally, it is the winner of the 300 million yuan lottery winner of the lottery lottery!

In April 2019, Beijing time, Mr. Deng (Hua’s surname) appeared at the Provincial Sports Lottery Center, and received the 300 million yuan bonus of the 19041 issue of Lotto, leaving a 10 million yuan donation of 10 million yuan in words. It drifted away.

I want to donate, 10 million!


“I want to donate money, 10 million.” At the first sentence, Mr. Deng’s first sentence really shocked the staff. “I haven’t slept well these days. I have won such a big prize. I must do good deeds and donate these 10 million. I feel calm and I can sleep well.” Willing to disclose more information. Xiaobian can see that Mr. Deng is a very cautious person. However, due to the responsibilities, in order to meet the needs of readers to “explore the secrets”, after some “soft and hard bubbles”, Mr. Deng came out from time to time.

It turned out that he did not know the first time he won the prize, but when he saw the news the next night after the lottery, he saw the news of the 300 million prize of the big lottery prize in Tai’an, and then thought of checking the lottery you bought. It doesn’t matter if you look at the lottery, Mr. Deng is completely insomnia.

The 300 million yuan award comes from a multi -issue ticket

I saw a lot of questions in the 300 million yuan award winning lottery. This is a 5 -bet single -type multi -phase injection voting, which has been 30 times and 6th. The number of the rear area is “02, 06”, and the number of the front zone is also closer. Under another wave of curiosity, Mr. Deng “squeezed” two words: “Get habit, I often travel business for business, every time I have multiple tickets. The two numbers in the back zone are me. My wife’s birthday, the front area number is my own combination. “Because the number in the back zone is the same and the front area number is similar, this lottery not only allowed Mr. Deng to win the 300 million yuan award, but also made him win the fourth prize and sixth class. 30 bets and eight prizes each.

How to spend 300 million giant prizes? Mr. Deng: What should I do?

In the face of the 300 million yuan award, many netizens are worried about the winner of the giant: so much money? Mr. Deng said: “It’s time to live, you will not change your life, you have to continue working.”

Buying sports lottery is not only the joy of winning the prize. The most important thing is to participate in a public welfare undertakings. For each purchase of 2 yuan in Lotto Lottery, it has 0.72 yuan as a sports lottery public welfare.

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