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Bierhof: No old players will follow the Cross Germany to re -rise

Leader Berhof said that after Cross, there will be no more old players withdraw from the German team, and the German team will soon re -enter the competition.

Berhof said that he originally felt that the team had the ability to go through the summer this summer. “I am convinced of this, I believe we can go to the end. However, the result is the top 16 out of 16. Of course we are not satisfied. Now we are injured because you have invested a lot. The players strictly adhere to discipline, concentrated on concentration, and concentrated. The home preparation is great, providing a good environment. “

Cross almost confirms that he will withdraw from the national team, and next year will usher in the World Cup. Perhaps only time can prove whether veterans such as Hummels and Muller will participate. “I didn’t hear any old players who said they had considered withdrawal or wanted to announce the news on the media.”

In the 2018 World Cup and the European Cup, the German team missed the top 8 consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutive consecutiveths, but I believe that the team will return quickly than Ehrff. “Our goal is to be the best. As a German, our goal is always at the forefront. Young players must gain experience, maybe more in their club characters. “

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