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Bierhof: Frek will become an outstanding national team coach, he can unite everyone

The German national team leader Oliver Berkhofv said Hans Frick “will be an excellent national team coach.” He described the head coach of Bayern Munich, who was about to leave, was a person who could “unite people”.

From the end of the 2020-21 season, Frick retreated from Bayern’s coach position. He has reached an agreement with the club to shorten his current two-year contract.

RB Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsman has confirmed that he will become the next head coach of Bayern, and Frieker will probably take over the successor of the Johol in the German national team. Berhoff welcomes this. Essence

Bayerhov appeared 70 times for the German team from 1996 to 2002. He told the “Picture News”: “Now you can communicate with him freely.”

“Even if you are not a great football expert, you will agree that Frick will become an excellent national team coach.”

“First of all, I am glad that this choice is given. Frick knows this kind of connection. He can create an atmosphere and unite people together.”

The German Football Association confirmed the intention of negotiating with Frick at the end of April, and Leew will leave his position after this summer’s European Cup.

In a statement of German football: “As we all know, Frick has been highly valued by the German Football Association. We can confirm that in this context, we will now talk to him and Bayern’s relevant personnel. “

Frick has a deep history in the German national team, and he has served as a assistant for 8 years.

The 56 -year -old coach became a substitute after Covevac was fired in 2019 and led this Bundesliga champion team to create an unprecedented three crowns. In the process, he won a permanent contract. In the process, he also got the German Super Cup, the European Super Cup and the World Cup in the first half of this season.

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