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Benzema agent criticized De Shang: Experts believe that Benzema can be played by the 1/8 final

Benzema’s agent, Deyacry, bombarded the French team and Dechang, thinking that they made Benzema leave the World Cup too early.

Deyaci uploaded an image of Benzema’s injury examination on social networking sites, saying that all three experts they asked said that Benzema can participate in the 1/8 final, at least you can sit on the bench, and at least he can sit on the bench.So why did the French team not let Benzema play the World Cup so soon?

Benzema was injured in a training on November 19. His rehabilitation period is expected to be three weeks, and he can play in early December.The French team played the 1/8 final on December 4.

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  1. Dezhang was too negative, thinking that there was no championship in Benzema.pity!

  2. What your help Lord favors is that Mbappe is not your Benza, so Elder Dechang dare not let you go up to win the Lord … [hee hee]

  3. a group of fools in the comment area, Benzema replacement does not work.Intersection

  4. is useless, Benzema also entered the final at most.The runner -up was originally the Golden Globe winner of the 2021 Golden Globe winning the thunder.

  5. Mbappe and Griezman are the best lines. Does the bishop dare to take risks to let a wounded in unknown play the final?

  6. Stupid horse is not even the opportunity of the runner -up

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    YunDanfengQingqing9527_463 12月 28, 2022 at 2:58 上午

    With Benzema, France will be eliminated by England

  8. No Benza, French performance is better!

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