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Bench Wei Shao’s 12 assists in the Double League for a total of 10 alternatives 10 times

On January 11, Beijing time, after Russell Westbrook was arranged by the head coach Darwin Him this season, his performance has been significantly improved, and he has gradually adapted to this new role.

Data statistics show that Wei Shao has 12 assists in the season this season. Other NBA substitute players have only 10 assists this season.

Obviously, Wei Shao’s eye -catching performance allowed him to have the qualifications of the best sixth person in the competition. From a All -Star and MVP player, he leaned down to accept the substitute.A tactical change.

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  1. The waste of the combination of “injury to the old waste” [not simple]

  2. The remaining substitutes of the alliance will be more than him.

  3. He took 47oo 10,000

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