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Beiqing: Li Xiaopeng or stayed in China and abroad

On December 4th, according to the Beijing Youth Daily, the Chinese Football Association will organize a national team (male and female national teams at all levels) to prepare for the work conference from December 7th to 9th from December 7th to 9th.

It is understood that the Chinese Football Association is likely to clarify the new national football selection direction, even specific goals through this meeting.Combined with various factors, the association mainly faces 4 categories on the selection of handsomeness, namely: continue to use Li Xiaopeng, the coach of the men’s football team, Yang Kevic, concurrently served as the coach of the National Football Team, the public selection of foreign teachers, and other chosen handsome mode.Essence

Among the national teams at all levels of men and women, only the coach candidates of the new cycle of the national men’s football team have not been clear.For the National Football Team of the 2026 World Championship and the 2023 Asian Cup next year, it is inappropriate for Qunlong to head, and it is also very unfavorable to the team’s preparation and competition.Therefore, it has been urgent to clarify that the coach candidates have reached the same.It is understood that the Chinese Football Association plans to conduct special research on the issue of national football on the last day of the meeting on December 9.This is why Li Xiaopeng, the main members of the Chinese Football Association and the current coach of the national football team, attended the meeting.

After the National Football Team ended in the Katal World preliminaries at the end of March of this year, Li Xiaopeng has been in a state of “leisure”.Because he has an appointment with the Chinese Football Association on the issue of coaching the national football team, strictly speaking, he is still the head coach of the team.Although it was rumored that the Chinese Football Association would change coaches for the team before, in fact, the Chinese Football Association and Li Xiaopeng have not dismissed the cooperative relationship.It is understood that the Chinese Football Association has discussed the problem of choosing handsome men’s football teams, and also mentioned the names of some coaches.For example, the current Chinese Men’s Asian Games team Serbian coach Jonkovic has been mentioned, and it has been mentioned that some other Chinese and foreign coaches have been mentioned.But the discussion did not produce substantial results.

In fact, although Li Xiaopeng was in a “leisure” state in the past six months, his attention to Chinese football, especially the professional league, has not stopped.For example, he had previously went to the Chinese Super League to pay attention to the performance of the national feet in the league.According to the plan, he will go to Haikou to attend the meeting with December 4.It is reported that when he went to the meeting, Li Xiaopeng did not come empty -handed, but would bring a whole 12th round of the last 4 rounds of the team to lead the team work summary and the future national football construction ideas.In other words, he was ready for going and stay.In addition, Li Xiaopeng, who has a high emotional intelligence, is in place in the treatment of people. He is very good at communicating with others and united his partners.This ability is also very valuable for building teams.

It is reported that the Chinese Football Association has not ruled out the possibility of reserving Li Xiaopeng.After all, compared to the new handsome candidates, especially foreign teachers, Li Xiaopeng understands the situation of Chinese football and current local players.When he took over the national football team, the team had been on the verge of the game in the top 12.In the process of coaching, in addition to his best to fight for the relatively ideal record, he has actually begun to consciously promote the team update, but the record of 1 draw and 3 losses has made him quickly “drowned” in the tide.

Who will be handsome from the national team?At present, “retaining Li Xiaopeng, arranging Yang Kevic part -time job, and choosing another foreign teacher” is an option.Of course, theoretically, other modes, including “joint coach Chinese and foreign coaches”, may also become options.

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