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Beijing media praised the China Super Fire Cup to fly to enter: cover the Jiangsu team to withdraw the shadow

On the evening of April 20, with a self -driving aircraft, the championship trophy that symbolizes the Super League to the high honor — the Vulcan Cup “Airborne” entered the Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center Stadium. The way kicks off. The unveiling “Guangzhou Derby” opened passionately with the attention of nearly 30,000 audiences at the scene. Although the Guangzhou team returned to the “home” team scored the first goal of the league’s new season by the citizen country. Tingled than 2. This start seems to indicate that the competition of the Chinese Super League will not follow the rules this season, which is exactly what Chinese professional football and fans are expected.

After careful preparation, the 2021 Chinese Super League kicked off in Guangzhou on the evening of April 20. The theme of the first opening ceremony with the theme of “seeking the happiness of football” announced that the new season Super League still takes positive energy as its responsibility. After a series of programming elements with football and cultural elements, a man -class autonomous driving flight carrier carried the championship trophy symbolizing the highest glory of the Super League -the Vulcan Cup “Airborne” to the Tianhe Stadium. A beauty on the plane sent the Vulcan Cup to the league sponsor representatives, and then placed in the venue through famous Su Rongzhi. Such a cool performance not only covered the shadow of the defending champion Jiangsu team, but also made positive inspiration for the new season of the new season with some new sense.

The finale of the opening ceremony is undoubtedly the opening battle between the Guangzhou team and the Guangzhou City team. In the end, the two sides shook hands with a fierce competition.

Text/Reporter Xiao Yan

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