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“Beihai” Yangfan Puji 2019 Belt and Road Sailing Race Thailand Standing


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On December 6, the 2019 Thai King Cup Sailing Race “Belt and Road” international sailing race started. A total of 73 fleets from 15 countries are competing in the same field in the Kata Beach waters of Phuket. The “Beihai” team with the old boy’s dream team sailed, and co -competed with the “Belt and Road” international sailing trophy. In the same day of the youth OP -level and laser -grade competitions, a total of 121 vessels from various Asian countries participated. Lu Yiwen, deputy director of the Sports Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, issued the competition. In the future, the cooperation between the “Belt and Road” International Sailing Race and the Thai King Cup will also be extended to the field of youth sailing players. Players will go to Singapore to participate in the “Belt and Road” youth exchange activities and friendship games.

Before the game, there was a prediction of the 6th game of 15-18 festivals, which will be an ideal sailing day. However, the “enthusiasm” in Phuket has made the morning schedule that has to be suspended. In the morning, the wind speed of the southern end of the island was as high as 30 knots. Simon James immediately announced the suspension of the game: “Safety is the primary problem.” Until 2:30 pm, the wind speed gradually weakened, and the organizing committee announced the restoration of 5 groups of competitions.

Group IRC-2 is relatively high in all groups, and large and small ships are competing together in the same sea area. The “Beihai” on behalf of the Chinese sailboat also appeared in today’s IRC-2 detour. This old boy’s dream team composed of Shen Sheng, Zhang Yongdong, Lin Li, Yuan Ze, Wei Wei, Zhang Guibao, Guo Hu, Li Zhi and Shen Zhenqing, after returning to the reunion, quickly entered the state and occupied the sailing. Interesting position, led the opponent for 51 seconds when the bid was bid, and moved all the way. The team also discussed how to deal with the unpredictable wind speed. At the horizontal wind, the opponent used the advantage of the side ball sailing to seize the opportunity and rush through the end. After the stubborn resistance of the strong wind, the “Beihai” was in the Thai King Cup ” The “Belt and Road“ International Sailing Tournament Day has achieved third achievements. At present, it will be tied to the first place with local ships in the standings. It will launch an impact on the final championship in the last two rounds, and make every effort to raise the “Belt and Road”. Victory Sail of the International Sailing Race!

At the awards ceremony of the “Belt and Road” International Sailing Race Thailand held at night, Lu Yiwen, deputy director of the Sports Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, presented awards to the winners of each group on the day, and said that the 2019 “Belt and Road” international sailing race is a Chinese sailing boat. The Sports Bureau of the Winroar Sports Association, the Sports Bureau of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and the Beihai Municipal People’s Government and the operating unit Mingtai Sports, after long -term project research and inspection and design, jointly launched an international brand sailing event to promote the exchange of sailing sports in China and ASEAN countries. And development, I hope to attract global top sailing athletes to participate through this event platform. At the same time, through the successful holding of the “Belt and Road” international sailing race, the people of the people along the “Belt and Road” are connected to the bridge and bond of mutual learning and mutual learning.

After the award ceremony, the “Beihai” captain Shen Sheng said in the competition: “In this game, Phuket’s temperature and environment are relatively comfortable. The competition between the fleets is very fierce. In a few seconds, the next two rounds of competitions, ‘Beihai’ will be full of impact. “Shen Sheng is full of confidence, and at the same time, he is also looking forward to the” Beihai “will soon appear in Guangxi Beihai. “Being able to confront the sailboats of various countries at home, it is exciting.”

It is understood that the 2019 “Belt and Road” International Sailing Race is co -sponsored by the China Sailing Winning Sports Association, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, Guangxi Beihai Municipal People’s Government, and Beijing Mingtai Sports Industry Investment Co., Ltd. “Named International Sailing Tournament. From December 1st to January 12, 2020, the competition was held in Phuket, China, China, Singapore, and Lankawei in Malaysia, respectively. The number of participants will exceed 1,000.

The “Belt and Road” International Sailing Race Thailand, which debuted, is the first time with the 33 -year -old Thai King Cup with the most popular sailing event in Asia.此站举办后,重头戏“一带一路”国际帆船赛北海站也将在12月13日拉开帷幕,届时将有来自中国、南非、荷兰、法国、瑞典、英国、美国、日本、韩国、意大利、 Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia, Australia, Germany, Spain, Greece, New Zealand, Hong Kong, China, Taipei, China, and Macau China have nearly 100 sailing boats, and about 400 crew members and competition officials participated. During the “Belt and Road” International Sailing Run Beihai Station, Honorary Family Sailing Day, Beihai Youth Environmental Protection Public Welfare Activities, and the “Belt and Road” Beihai Ri and many other affiliated activities will be generally involved in the general public.

The “Belt and Road” international sailing race Singapore Station will hold the “Belt and Road” youth exchange competition. There will be a group of Chinese crew members to compete with other small crew members of various countries to sow the seeds of sailing culture in the new generation of soil. The last stop of Malaysia will cooperate with the Royal Langkawi International Sailing Race of Southeast Asia. The event will be presented with the “Belt and Road” Royal Langkawi International Sailing Race.

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