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Bei Kong lost 40 points!Marbury: Switching or defeat is a common thing

On December 9th, Beijing time, in the 10th round of the CBA regular season, the North Control Team defeated the Liaoning team 63-103.

After a day of rest, the mood of the head coach of Bei Kong’s Mobry improved. In an interview, he said: “Basketball world, victory or defeat is common. Sometimes, it will really encounter a defeat like yesterday yesterday., But anyway, losing is lost.

“Everyone really worked very hard for a month during the offseason. Although it may not be seen through the first game, how to draw experience from the failure is the most important thing in our current stage.”

When it comes to the next match against Qingdao, Marbury said: “We will welcome the enemy in a completely different way, we will play more positive at both ends of the offensive and defensive, and play more passion and vitality on the court.”

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  1. Marbury

  2. The name of Mabrigry China is not blowing. What is it difficult to interview in Chinese?

  3. Can Marbury speak traditional Chinese text such as “victory or defeat is the common task of soldiers”?~ Translate yourself, right?

  4. A few seasons prove that who is the biggest shortcoming of this team

  5. The trick has passed, this trick is indeed invincible, I dare not stop, the ribs are easy to break, the players now have not seen this trick

  6. Recalling the recallAt that time, he hugged the basketball with his knees and hit the small cloth head, and then the referee against the scene of the small cloth foul. It can be seen how shameless the basketball association and the referee of the year.Is it painful?People are doing, heaven is watching …………………. I thought that Ma ignored that year, she was famous for her knees on her knees holding the explosive bag. I did not know why this irregular movement was indulgent.Do you know that this action is foul? If so, then it is really not worthy of a coach!

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