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Basketball Great: Cavaliers’ defensive efficiency High Sun 6 -game losing streak continues to slug

On Tuesday 310 US Professional Basketball Cleveland Cavaliers VS Jazz 2023-01-11 10:00

Cleveland Cavaliers:

The Cleveland Cavaliers have played very well this season. The team once again ignited the hope of entering the playoffs. Among them, the absolute core Michell played very stable, and it also showed a single 71 -point performance.Mobley’s performance is also very eye -catching, but there are still many problems with the Cavaliers’ injuries. The defender Rubio and the small forward Ocro could not play. At present, the Cavaliers still ranked 4th in the east. FortunatelyThey are very eye -catching. At present, the Cavaliers’ defensive efficiency ranks first in the league.

Utah Jazz:

Utah’s Jazz began rebuilding at the beginning of the season. The team officially won players such as Malcanin and Clarkson from the Cavaliers. The two performed well in the Jazz.The strength is still limited, and the current ranking has fallen to the 12th place in the west. Among them, the jazz’s offensive efficiency ranks third, but the defense efficiency is only 27th. Recently, And Cyxton and Horton Tucker have also been exempted from the war card due to high injuries.

Tuesday 312 US Professional Basketball Phoenix Sun VS Golden State Warriors 2023-01-11 11:00

Phoenix aspect:

The Funicus Sun team’s goal this season is the championship, but the team has recently played very sluggish. After the last defeat to the Sun team, it has suffered 6 consecutive defeats. At present, the Sun team’s injury is very serious.Kudu couldn’t play. In addition, Cameron Johnson and Payne were also absent from injury. At present, the Sun Team ranking has fallen to the 8th in the West. It is difficult to imagine that the Western Championships may not even enter the playoffs the previous year. Among them, defense efficiency may be.The decline is the biggest reason. In addition, Claude, who has conflicted with the team, has not played this season. It can be seen that there are certain problems inside the team.

Jinzhou Warriors:

The Golden State Warriors are not good this season, but because the Sun and Timberwolves are still worse, the team has entered the sixth place in the west.Siman and other teenagers have played very badly this season. Instead, the short contract players Rim and Jerom played better. The defense efficiency of the Warriors declined greatly, and Vegins was absent from injury.One of the most practical alliances, the number of three -pointers and the number of assists is still the first league, and the team’s goal is still impacting the championship.

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