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Basin Carey Index single -day net profit 140%!King of the Basketball Realm nearly 5!



Ball Tong expert prediction basketball

Ball Tong Monday Basketball Recall: The experts of today’s ball -pass platform are stable. The Basketball Carey Index has a single -day profit of 140%ranking first, and 134%of the Wangcai industry ranks second; Ma Rui, Yingtian, Lu Lu Experts such as Brother also have income! [View all authoritative ball pass experts]

The Basketai Kelly Index was excellent yesterday. Raptors VS76 and Nuggets VS Blazers made two recommendations in the two games. The cumulative profit of 140%in a single day was nearly 5 of 5! [Basin Carey Index’s profitability! ]

Like the Basketai Kelly Index, the king of the expert basketball world is also two of them today. Let us look forward to his stability tomorrow! [The king of the basket color world continues to make a profit]

Expert Ma Rui has a profit of 110%today. The size of the two games is recommended. The recommended red deer green army has been released tomorrow! [Ma Rui has been stable today]

NBA season playoffs upgrade! How should I choose the basket color, so stay tuned for the unique analysis of the experts! [Click to view immediately] (

The Sina Ball Platform platform is more convenient. Caimin friends scan the QR code below to download the “small cannon APP”. The ball -pass expert is zero distance.

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